What Drives Street Racers? Three Facts about the Underground Community

Street racing parts

Did you know that people who participate in street racing in New Zealand and Australia are called “hoons” and “boyracers?” Street racing has been popular for many decades now in spite of the risks that drivers assume for themselves, their vehicles and their licenses. Interested in knowing more about the culture of street car racing? Here are three facts that you should know.

1. The Best Street Racing Cars

There is no one brand of car that is for “street racing”; rather, cars that excel for both speed and performance are often bought (or stolen, as the case may be) and modified with special engines, exhaust alterations, and more. Mitsubishi cars are easy to modify and have a sporty appearance, and hence are rather popular in the street car world. Other popular brands include Honda, Chevrolet, and Nissan. Street race cars are often equipped with nitrous oxide or turbo chargers to increase their power.

2. Racing Culture

During a typical street race, two racers in different vehicles will meet at a street that sees little or no traffic during the night. Spectators will be present along the road. Usually, cars will have police scanners in order to avoid cop cars. A “flagger,” the individual who starts the race, will stand in the middle of the two cars and wave a flag for the start. An interesting documentary by National Geographic uncovered other aspects of street racing; though many members in the Los Angeles group they followed had had previous connections to street gangs, racing helped keep many young people out of the drug and violent gang world, and helped to foster friendships.

3. The Penalties

The penalties for illegal street car racing can be severe, depending on the circumstances in which someone is caught. For every 1,000 people who take part in street racing, 49 are injured. On top of this, the courts can revoke licenses, impound cars, and imprison people if the situation seemed potentially dangerous, or was. Not to mention, your insurance rates will go through the roof. For this reason, some avid street racers transition over to racing at legal facilities.

What do you know about street race cars?

15 Oct 2013

What are the Best Street Racing Cars? Three Facts

Street car racing

Did you know that street racing became widely popular in the 1950s? After WWII, many veterans who had worked on plane and jeep engines returned home and began to modify their own cars for speed. Today, street car racing happens around the world, and is especially popular in countries like Japan, the U.S.A, Brazil and Malaysia. Want to know more about this phenomenon? Here are three facts.

1. The Best Street Racing Cars for Sale

Any car can participate in street races, but some models are favored more than others when it comes to speed, handling, and potential for modification. Right now, some of the fastest cars on the market that are often used as street racing cars include the Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, the Honda S2000 Roadster, and the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Street racing cars for sale, if you’re on a budget, can even be picked from Craigslist. Peruse an online racing forum if you’re not sure about what to get. If you want to drift, for example, you need rear wheel drive, not front wheel drive.

2. The Risks You Take On

Two courses in Business Law don’t make me a lawyer, but be advised that street racing is a risky business both legally and physically. Statistically, for every 1,000 people who take part in illegal racing, 49 are injured. The likely causes are either crashing at high speeds, or hitting uninvolved cars because most races take place on public roads. When it comes to facing consequences, if you are caught street racing penalties can range from fines, to a revoked license, to jail time. And don’t even ask about your insurance rates.

3. Street Racing Videos

Whether you want to get ideas for your next race, or would rather just appreciate the sport from the comfort and relative safety of your own home, street racing videos might be the way to go. Right now, some of the most popular videos that might be worth checking out include one of drivers in Philadelphia who street raced and managed to lose police helicopters that were following them. Another is Christopher Adam Tang’s video post showing him making a record run around Manhattan, which he has since been arrested for.

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18 Sep 2013

Want to go Faster? Three Facts about Street Car Racing

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Did you know that the first speeding ticket was issued back in 1902? At that point, the fastest a car could go was about 45 mph. Today, street racing is a popular hobby in many areas, and these drivers can reach speeds of 120 mph, or even 150 mph depending on the circumstances. If you are interested in the history and current trends of street racing, then here are three facts for you.

1. The Origins of the Street Race

Although it is difficult to definitely state who started street racing, many people trace the popularity of this sport back to the 1950s. After the second World War, G.I.s who had worked on Jeep and Plane engines had come back home, and started to modify their own cars. Today, street racing occurs around the world, with large followings in countries like Japan, the U.S. and Brazil. In most circumstances, street racing is illegal. Participants typically use public roads.

2. The Best Street Racing Cars

Most street racers end up doing some amount of modification on their vehicles. At the end of the day, though, you still need to start out with a car, and the faster the original vehicle goes, the better. Some of the fastest street cars for sale right now include the Honda S2000 Roadster, Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, Nissan Skyline R34 GTR, and Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Exactly how fast do these street racing cars go? To use the Nissan as an example, this car has never even been sold in the U.S. because it goes so fast. To get your hands on one, you need to purchase a modified version. If you want more ideas for which car is the right fit for you, check out street racing videos to compare different models.

3. The Dangers

If you plan on getting into racing, understand the inherent involved. Street racing often results in traffic collisions, private property trespassing, and increasing rates of auto thefts. Hopefully it goes without being said that you should not steal a car. What is the likelihood of getting hurt? Street racing videos say that about 49 people are injured for every 1,000 people who take part in illegal street racing. Remember that if you get caught, there are penalties. At best, you will get fined. At worst, you can be arrested, have your car impounded, be imprisoned, and have your license revoked.


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15 Aug 2013

Too Fast Too Many Sequels The Street Racing Fad Thanks to a Bad Movie

Street legal race cars

Before you hop on over to Craigsist for the best street racing cars for sale, stop and think about what you are considering. Street car racing is exceedingly dangerous, no matter how ideal the situation. Doing so can put you and any number of lives at risk. That being said, I know the psychology rule. If I tell you not to do it, you will just want to do it more. So, instead of lecturing not to do it, how about a how to do it instead?

I am not going to tell you what car to drive (Prius, anyone?), or what to put in it to make it run faster (gas?). I would not know where to begin. Instead, I am going to stress some serious points that a lot of the professional drivers of street racing cars follow like a code. There is a large community for this sport out there, and they all tend to agree on a few things. And before I go any further, get the images from that movie out of your head. There may be a rush, and there may be glory, but any street racer that you meet out on the roads is not going to be that stupid.

The most important thing that everyone considers, and I am being serious about this, is safety first. Never drive on a busy street, no matter the time of day. And do not go anywhere near a school, a church, a hospital. Getting busted is bad enough, you do not want to be responsible for clipping the nun walking the orphan from the hospital to school.

Know where you are racing. Know the route and any surrounding roads. If you need to act fast, you do not want to be moving blind. Never take anyone in the car with you. Yeah, you can take responsibility for your own stupidity, but how would you feel if someone else got killed while riding with you. Put the least amount of people at risk that you can.

The second most important thing, tying in with the first, is stop and think. If it looks dangerous, if you think that it will be, then chances are that it will. The act is dangerous enough as it is, do not exacerbate the situation with even more risk. You are not proving yourself a hero or a man by pushing something. If you are at risk, the safest and smartest thing to do is stop. Plain and simple.

If you have gotten it into your head to buy one of those street racing cars, and you have the thousands of dollars to do it, there is nothing that I can say to stop you. Just remember, play it safe, think about it, and make sure that the only person at risk is you. Who knows? You may even win a couple, but you do not want to lose any.

15 Jul 2013

Finding A Street Racing Car Can Help You Enjoy Your Hobby

Street racing cars

If you love the idea of street racing, but do not own your own street racing car, then it is time that you did something to change that situation for the better. Whether you realize it or not, there are street legal race cars out there on the market that you could buy right now in order to fulfill your dreams. If you are still unsure if this is real or not, simply look up a street racing video and you will see for yourself that the idea of using street racing cars in real legal competitions is a very plausible idea for you.

When you are trying to find the right street racing car, it is important that you start doing your research early. You must make sure that you do not wind up with an illegal street racing car or one that has been modified poorly. Remember that when you use a street racing car, you are taking at least some kind of risk and only the best street racing cars will help you to keep those risks at a minimum. Fortunately, there are all sorts of resources online about street racing cars that you can look into so that you can be certain you will wind up purchasing the right vehicle.

Once you have an idea of what kind of street racing cars for sale are out there and you know what to avoid, you can turn your attention toward purchasing the right one for your needs. You will likely have a budget that you need to maintain so when you do your shopping, be sure to keep this in mind. Getting an amazing car will not do you any good if you wind up losing it because you did not have the funds to pay.

Fortunately, there are great vendors out there that can help you decide on the appropriate car. Once you have it, you can even look for venues that you can use in order to race it. Once you do, you might be able to win some prize money and help to pay for the car.

You will see that even if you thought you would never own a street racing car, there are ways that you can make that dream a total reality. Once you have your car, you will know that you can enjoy your hobby properly. You might even make some cash along the way.

21 Jun 2013

Street Car Racing Is Exciting

Street racing parts

If you love speed, and I mean if you really love speed, you are probably into street car racing. There is probably nothing more exhilarating that participating in or even just watching street car racing.

Street car racing is a heart pounding, gut wrenching sport. The cars are often souped up versions of the original models. Most are street legal race cars, meaning you will often see them on the street as well as race tracks. Well, that is the point is it not? The term says it all, street car racing.

While this may conjure up visions of kids racing their cars in the streets, illegally no less, this is generally not the case. Street car racing really means cars that are generally driven on the street are raced against each other on a track or other controlled area. No one really wants to get in trouble with the law for street car racing. In addition, the authorities really do not like it either.

There are many sites you can visit to see the best street racing cars if you are in the market for one. Street cars for sale can be found on many of these sites. Even if you are not in the market, you can still dream about owning one of these machines that rumble when you touch the accelerator.

You can also get a kick out of watching street racing videos. One of the more popular ones are the videos that depict drifting. This street car racing genre is absolutely exciting to watch. They definitely need to come with the disclaimer that says, professional driver, do not attempt this at home.

It is likely that as a street car racing enthusiast, you like to tinker with cars. You are always on the lookout for street racing parts, or trying to give your car just that little bit of extra horsepower.

Street car racing is fun and exciting activity, just be safe out there!

07 Jun 2013

Finding A Street Racing Car Can Help You Enjoy Your Hobby

Street racing parts

If you get a thrill from riding in street racing cars, then you will be happy to know that there are places where you can get street racing cars for sale that are locked, stocked, and ready to ride. With the most powerful street racing car, you will look like a champ everywhere that you drive and you will be able to compete in legal amateur competitions wherever they are available. You will find that when you have street legal race cars that you can drive, there will really be no reason to drive anything else for leisure, regardless of what you do or where you live.

When you are looking for street racing cars, it is important that you have an idea of what you want in mind. The reason that it is so important to know beforehand is because it is very easy for you to get overwhelmed when you are looking through all of the different models of street racing cars simply because there are so many. Moreover, there are so many ways to customize the same basic type of street racing car that you could be there forever trying to pick out what you want.

Once you find the best street racing cars that fit your needs, you can wind down the choices to the one that you want the most and then get ready to customize. When you are going through the process of customizing street race cars, you will have to think about everything from color to scoops, hoods, fins, tires, rims, engines, transmissions, and so many other factors that there are too many to list. Remember that the look of the car is just as important as its power which is why you need to make sure that your vehicle turns heads when you are street car racing.

Fortunately, you can find all of the information that you need about street racing cars online and then, you will be able to make your choice a lot easier on yourself. Being able to compare and contrast different cars and options will help you to find a vehicle that matches your style and personality. Your money will be well spent on it because of your efforts.

Once you have your new car, you will be more confident. You will also be able to enjoy your hobby far more. You may even be able to compete in some races and win money.

30 May 2013

Tips On Finding The Best Street Racing Cars For Sale

Street legal race cars

Finding street racing cars for sale can happen online, provided you know how to search. The best street racing cars for sale will be published online, so looking around for them both on the Internet and through other resources helps you eventually select the best street legal race cars for whatever your needs are. Here is how you should go about it.

First, find street racing cars for sale by plugging into a normal keyword search using your favorite search engine. Taking it another step further, try out a few different search engines, since they all determine their rankings differently. This should ideally give you a very well rounded place to start your Internet search for street race cars. Be sure, though, that every link you click on looks valid and not spam. Just pay close attention to what you see in these results. Some will not offer street racing cars for sale but instead may be a street racing video, which is fine if you would like to pursue that avenue as well.

Second, find street racing cars for sale by visiting online classifieds sections of newspapers both in the area in which you live and beyond it. Often, people selling street racing cars for sale will negotiate various terms with you, including delivery if you do not live close by to where the street racing car is located. So stay locally with respect to geography, but then branch out. You never know how accessible and how accommodating some of these sellers may be.

Third, find street racing cars for sale by looking into online auctions. These auctions occur with increasing regularity, since online auction sites have become a very popular way for these street cars to be purchased. This is of particular benefit in negotiations, since you bid on these items and perhaps can get better deals for them than you even had considered possible before.

Now that you have searched in three areas for street racing cars for sale, you can finally start making decisions about which ones look best to you. Before making any formal offers or bidding on anything, though, ensure you have every possible piece of information on these cars and that you have talked to at least one person about them. Buying a car is a huge financial decision that warrants at least some discussion, so ensure this part is done before making any bids or offers.

20 May 2013

The Basics of Street Racing

Street car racing

What is street racing? Street racing is unsanctioned public road motor races. They vary from planned to spur of the moment, when two potential street race cars end up next to each other at a red light. When planned in advance, participants will have a radio system set up and have police scanners in order to try and forestall any legal issues.

There are several reasons people enjoy street racing. One reason is that the environment and rules are less controlled, which can make for a more exciting and interesting to watch experience. People like showing off their cars, for another. Part of it is that people enjoy racing but do not want to officially race since there are a ton of rules and entry fees they would have to pay in order to participate. As can be seen in several popular street racing movies, a community tends to form around the sport. It often attracts youth in America who are too young to participate in the bar scene. Although police are a problem, many people actually find the risk and the effort to escape if caught, exciting.

In street car racing, fast and beautiful street race cars are prized, and often stolen. Several street race cars are, unsurprisingly, brands that are stolen at very high rates, which indicates a probably correlation between the two. Street racing cars in Japan have gone up to almost 200 miles an hour during races. The best street racing cars are the ones that can take the pounding and go the fastest.

There are several types of street races. One would be togue racing, which originated in Japan. It is also known as drifting. It usually occurs on narrow roads, often those found along mountains. It is a popular way to race because it is challenging, though more dangerous at the same time.

Cannonball runs are and are point to point road rallies that usually take place over longer distances, like from city to city. They involve multiple street race cars.

Street racing is obviously a dangerous sport since it involves nonprofessional drivers speeding down public roads, usually at night. Injuries and fatalities are common, and can often happen to people not even involved in the race, since it is public places. Property damage to surrounding homes and land can also occur. Street racing videos posted online often help to convict offenders.

03 May 2013

Making Your Own Dream Car

Street cars for sale

The best street racing cars have always been featured in street racing videos, highlighting the drifts, the speed, and the sheer power that these machines harness in their otherwise brittle frames. A lot of people begin to think that these are dream cars, designed by the top mechanics and engineers in the world, and only used for extreme street car racing. In truth, thanks to the massive following around the World Wide Web, street racing videos have led to a boom in street cars for sale and street racing parts for cars. The only thing to consider about street cars is that, at first, they do not look like the cars in street racing videos.

There are a few ways to go about building the street car of your dreams. First, it might be a good idea to have a certain style or look in mind, so watching some of the amazing street racing videos out there would be a good place to start. Search the internet, talk to friends, or maybe you can just go to your favorite street racing website to get some of the newest, coolest street racing videos out there. You can easily spot some quality machines by watching a few clips and, eventually, you will have an idea of what it is you want.

The next step would be to begin researching how to build one of the magnificent cars seen in street racing videos. You will need manufacturer specific parts according to the car, you will need manuals that detail how to install and replace components, and you will need the street racing parts. If you know a few motorheads, they can typically help get you through the basic to moderately difficult things but, in the event you have no clue what you are doing, maybe you are thinking too much about the street racing video you want to record rather than the big picture. consider street racing cars for sale, already altered and improved, and you might be better off in the long run.

30 Apr 2013