What Drives Street Racers? Three Facts about the Underground Community

Street racing parts

Did you know that people who participate in street racing in New Zealand and Australia are called “hoons” and “boyracers?” Street racing has been popular for many decades now in spite of the risks that drivers assume for themselves, their …

15 Oct 2013

What are the Best Street Racing Cars? Three Facts

Street car racing

Did you know that street racing became widely popular in the 1950s? After WWII, many veterans who had worked on plane and jeep engines returned home and began to modify their own cars for speed. Today, street car racing happens …

18 Sep 2013

Want to go Faster? Three Facts about Street Car Racing

Street racing car

Did you know that the first speeding ticket was issued back in 1902? At that point, the fastest a car could go was about 45 mph. Today, street racing is a popular hobby in many areas, and these drivers can …

15 Aug 2013

Too Fast Too Many Sequels The Street Racing Fad Thanks to a Bad Movie

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Before you hop on over to Craigsist for the best street racing cars for sale, stop and think about what you are considering. Street car racing is exceedingly dangerous, no matter how ideal the situation. Doing so can put you …

15 Jul 2013

Finding A Street Racing Car Can Help You Enjoy Your Hobby

Street racing cars

If you love the idea of street racing, but do not own your own street racing car, then it is time that you did something to change that situation for the better. Whether you realize it or not, there are …

21 Jun 2013

Street Car Racing Is Exciting

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If you love speed, and I mean if you really love speed, you are probably into street car racing. There is probably nothing more exhilarating that participating in or even just watching street car racing.

Street car racing is a …

07 Jun 2013

Finding A Street Racing Car Can Help You Enjoy Your Hobby

Street racing parts

If you get a thrill from riding in street racing cars, then you will be happy to know that there are places where you can get street racing cars for sale that are locked, stocked, and ready to ride. With …

30 May 2013

Tips On Finding The Best Street Racing Cars For Sale

Street legal race cars

Finding street racing cars for sale can happen online, provided you know how to search. The best street racing cars for sale will be published online, so looking around for them both on the Internet and through other resources helps …

20 May 2013

The Basics of Street Racing

Street car racing

What is street racing? Street racing is unsanctioned public road motor races. They vary from planned to spur of the moment, when two potential street race cars end up next to each other at a red light. When planned in …

03 May 2013

Making Your Own Dream Car

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The best street racing cars have always been featured in street racing videos, highlighting the drifts, the speed, and the sheer power that these machines harness in their otherwise brittle frames. A lot of people begin to think that these …

30 Apr 2013