What are the Best Street Racing Cars? Three Facts

Street car racing

Did you know that street racing became widely popular in the 1950s? After WWII, many veterans who had worked on plane and jeep engines returned home and began to modify their own cars for speed. Today, street car racing happens around the world, and is especially popular in countries like Japan, the U.S.A, Brazil and Malaysia. Want to know more about this phenomenon? Here are three facts.

1. The Best Street Racing Cars for Sale

Any car can participate in street races, but some models are favored more than others when it comes to speed, handling, and potential for modification. Right now, some of the fastest cars on the market that are often used as street racing cars include the Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, the Honda S2000 Roadster, and the Chevrolet Corvette Z06. Street racing cars for sale, if you’re on a budget, can even be picked from Craigslist. Peruse an online racing forum if you’re not sure about what to get. If you want to drift, for example, you need rear wheel drive, not front wheel drive.

2. The Risks You Take On

Two courses in Business Law don’t make me a lawyer, but be advised that street racing is a risky business both legally and physically. Statistically, for every 1,000 people who take part in illegal racing, 49 are injured. The likely causes are either crashing at high speeds, or hitting uninvolved cars because most races take place on public roads. When it comes to facing consequences, if you are caught street racing penalties can range from fines, to a revoked license, to jail time. And don’t even ask about your insurance rates.

3. Street Racing Videos

Whether you want to get ideas for your next race, or would rather just appreciate the sport from the comfort and relative safety of your own home, street racing videos might be the way to go. Right now, some of the most popular videos that might be worth checking out include one of drivers in Philadelphia who street raced and managed to lose police helicopters that were following them. Another is Christopher Adam Tang’s video post showing him making a record run around Manhattan, which he has since been arrested for.

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