Monthly Archives: August 2022

Shopping for a Used Car Has Never Been Easier in 2021

In 2017, it was projected that the U.S. automotive industry would spend $9.94 million on digital advertising. Prospective buyers will look at many different factors to determine if they want to buy a used car. They might even use some …

30 Aug 2022

What Is the Actual Cost of New Cars?

A car’s total price goes beyond the price stated on the sticker or receipt. You must consider factors such as maintenance, gas, and insurance when determining the actual cost of a new car. One essential expense is getting insurance for …

29 Aug 2022

The Basics of Car Wheels

The wheels are one of the changes most car owners would immediately make. However, most are changing it for aesthetic purposes rather than the essence of changing it. If you want to know the basics of car wheels, we’ll cover …

18 Aug 2022