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How Can I Take Good Care Of My Diesel Engine?

5.9 cummins injector rebuild kit

What’s the difference between gas and diesel? Ask any car owner and they’ll tell you it’s a pretty big one! With gas prices growing higher by the day and environmentally aware daily habits becoming a common conversation, it stands to …

14 Mar 2017

Do it Yourself Plumbing Understanding Hose Clamps

Band clamping

A hose clamp is used to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting such as a nipple or a barb. There are a variety of styles and sizes available to accommodate the diameter of the hose and the fitting …

09 Mar 2017

The Dealer Debate for Car Repairs

Automotive repair costs are variable. Customers looking for Volvo car repair may contact almost any auto repair shop, for example. If these car owners need a car body shop, you’ll have to compare prices from all around. That said, both …

07 Mar 2017

Purchasing Your First Vehicle? Keep These 2 Tips in Mind

Used cars for sale in puyallup wa

Buying your first car will be one of the most exciting times of your life. As you walk through the dealership and looks for cars for sale, you’ll be overcome by joy and excitement for your first car. Although …

04 Mar 2017

Carpet or Weatherproof? How to Choose the Best Mats for Your Car

Embroidered floor mat

With the average American spending 87 minutes in their car, customizing your interior will make that time personalized and comfortable. While choosing features such as color scheme and a dashboard setup, don’t leave floor mats behind. From installing a vinyl …

02 Mar 2017