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Four Ways to Make Your 15 Passenger Van Safer

Church buses

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has revealed that over a period of six years, 1,512 fatal crashes involving 15 passenger vans occurred. Unfortunately, 15 passenger vans are not safe in accidents, and the NTSB has made it clear that it does not recommend the use of these vehicles. If your group can find a passenger bus for sale, you can enjoy a much better alternative, and used buses are fairly affordable. Unfortunately, not every group can afford to replace their van right away. Until that day comes, there are steps you should take to make sure that your 15 passenger van is as safe as it can possibly be.

Your van needs to have its tires checked often for pressure and damage.

Never treat your (more…)

30 Jan 2014

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30 Jan 2014

All About the Honda Insight Hybrid Mileage

Honda insight battery replacement

Did you know that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates for mileage are not the last word on what kind of fuel efficiency you will get? It’s true, especially for hybrid vehicles. There can be quite a bit of wiggle room between what is estimated, and what you can actually pull off. Do you know how your hybrid Honda Insight mileage stacks up in comparison to what’s standard, and what some car-owners get?

What’s standard.

The 2000 model Honda Insight mileage set records. According to the EPA, it was the most (gasoline) fuel-efficient vehicle ever, and it rated with a combined 53 MPG in city and highway conditions. The hybrid fuel economy of the most recent Insight (more…)

30 Jan 2014

Used car dealerships in rochester ny —- FREE VIDEO


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25 Jan 2014

Charter bus rental michigan —- [VIDEO]

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19 Jan 2014

Motorcycle parts —- Free Video

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18 Jan 2014

An Interview With Greg Rice, Owner of Greg’s Custom Cycle Works in Clearwater, FL

Since 1998, Greg’s Custom Cycle Works has sold, rented, repaired, serviced, and customized motorcycles. Today we are talking to Greg about how the services offered at his facility differ from those of your typical motorcycle shop.

Hello again, Greg. Very few people are familiar with the business of running a custom motorcycle shop. Can you tell us about what that’s like?

I try to diversify my business as much as I can. I consider it like a giant pie; every slice is a different part of my business. I try to have as many slices as I can to give me diversity. A lot of shops are service and repair shops. They sell parts and accessories, and then they may sell motorcycles. A lot of shops don’t sell motorcycles, but the bigger dealerships do. That’s the basic structure of their business. What I try to do is break down my business even further into doing the custom painting, which most shops sub out to paint facilities. We offer that painting service.

I understand that customization is a huge piece of this pie that you’re talking about. What other types of custom work does your shop do?

We do custom fiberglass work and custom metal work. This is a whole other source of income, doing custom fenders, glass fenders, modifying parts, and making them really customized. Then we have manufacturing parts, which is another part of the pie, which is our production parts. So it’s stuff that’s straight forward. We have basic fittings for different applications of motorcycle sets, or straight forward parts. Then, we offer custom parts of production parts where the customer says, “Hey I like this pair of handlebars that you manufacture, but I need it six inches taller, or I need to have more of a pullback, or I need to have this other tab or map or tachometer or speedometer, or some kind of gauge mounted in this particular place, can you do that?”

Custom motorcycle work is truly far more complicated than most people realize. What would you say sets your shop apart from the others?

About 90% of all manufacturers, higher than that probably, don’t do any kind of side bars to what they produce as a manufactured part, because it’s production, it’s turnkey and go. That’s what gives us more uniqueness to our business. We have the ability to do that, where other places are not so receptive to doing that. We do custom seat modification, we take the chassis and we may weld some different tubing or round stock, or maybe cut the horns off, or make a new set of fender struts, or what have you. We can modify a seat and custom foam it, maybe put a gel pack in it, design a cover for it, and complete that task. We don’t actually sew the cover in house, but we do the frame, foam it, gel pack it, design the cover, and then I actually have an upholsterer make a cover for the unit.

It sounds like your shop has a lot to offer anyone looking for custom work. Any final thoughts on the business of motorcycle customization?

The more diversified I am, the more steady I can become as a business.

Greg’s Custom Cycle Works is located in Clearwater, FL on 1141 Court Street. Learn more about their services at, or by calling 727-461-4840.

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15 Jan 2014