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How Craigslist Has Changed The Used Car Selling Process

Classic corvette buyers

It?s safe to say that the Internet has changed one or two industries over the years. It might be more accurate to say that the Internet has changed literally every industry over the years. But one that is the most obvious is used car selling.

Craigslist helped pave the way for the Ecommerce boom and now people can buy just about anything imaginable through the Internet. People are selling their tools, bikes, records, baseball cards, appliances, close, furniture, and just about anything imaginable.

Selling cars on Craigslist is now easier than ever as well. Whether it?s selling an old junker to someone trying to flip a few cars or finally deciding to sell my Corvette to classic Corvette buyers, selling vehicles online is great for the seller and buyer.

Another great reason that Craigslist (more…)

30 Sep 2016

Do I Need New Tires? When to Consider Tire Replacement

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Knowing when to change your vehicle tires is important for you and your car’s safety. Typically, it is recommended to change the tires when the tread has worn to 6/32nds of an inch. Tire replacement may seem like a simple task to many people who tend to overlook it. After using new tires for five years, you need to take them for inspection at least once every year. This helps you to monitor the wear and tear and decide the right time for a replacement.

Proper Tire Care

First, taking care of your vehicle tires is essential to expand their lifespan. This helps you to avoid unnecessary cost for regular replacements. Proper care involves regular tire rotations, vehicle ma (more…)

18 Sep 2016

Have an Old Car You Want to Sell? Get More Cash for That Car with These 5 Tips

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Around the planet, every year, nearly 27 million cars get to the end of their useful lifecycle. These card are usually recovered and the metal and other materials are recycled. Nearly 80% of most cars and trucks can be recycled. Aluminum is the material that is most often recovered from these cars. Almost 90% of any aluminum from a car or truck can be recycled. This accounts for about half of the scrap from cars but it represents only 10% of these vehicles’ weight. If you want to get more cash for cars, here are some tips to help.

  1. Get the title. If you own the car or cars that you want to sell, you need to be able to show that you are legally able to do so. No one is allowed to buy cars for cash for anyone but the person or entity that owns them.
  2. Determine the value of (more…)

14 Sep 2016

Save Money and Keep Your Car Running Well Longer with These 5 Tips

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The American love affair with driving and our cars goes back more than a century. We love our cars. The American auto industry leads the globe in its innovation and the quality of the vehicles it makes. The problem is that not everyone takes care of their car the way they should. When we neglect our cars and trucks and do not take steps to deal with the general maintenance of those vehicles, we end up spending a lot more. Every year, this negligence costs the United States economy $2 billion every year. There are simple things you can do to keep your car running well and not need to talk to the auto sales experts about replacing your car.

Simple Tips to Keep Your Car Healthy and Happy.

  1. Make sure you check and change your oil when it needs it. (more…)

08 Sep 2016