Too Fast Too Many Sequels The Street Racing Fad Thanks to a Bad Movie

Street legal race cars

Before you hop on over to Craigsist for the best street racing cars for sale, stop and think about what you are considering. Street car racing is exceedingly dangerous, no matter how ideal the situation. Doing so can put you and any number of lives at risk. That being said, I know the psychology rule. If I tell you not to do it, you will just want to do it more. So, instead of lecturing not to do it, how about a how to do it instead?

I am not going to tell you what car to drive (Prius, anyone?), or what to put in it to make it run faster (gas?). I would not know where to begin. Instead, I am going to stress some serious points that a lot of the professional drivers of street racing cars follow like a code. There is a large community for this sport out there, and they all tend to agree on a few things. And before I go any further, get the images from that movie out of your head. There may be a rush, and there may be glory, but any street racer that you meet out on the roads is not going to be that stupid.

The most important thing that everyone considers, and I am being serious about this, is safety first. Never drive on a busy street, no matter the time of day. And do not go anywhere near a school, a church, a hospital. Getting busted is bad enough, you do not want to be responsible for clipping the nun walking the orphan from the hospital to school.

Know where you are racing. Know the route and any surrounding roads. If you need to act fast, you do not want to be moving blind. Never take anyone in the car with you. Yeah, you can take responsibility for your own stupidity, but how would you feel if someone else got killed while riding with you. Put the least amount of people at risk that you can.

The second most important thing, tying in with the first, is stop and think. If it looks dangerous, if you think that it will be, then chances are that it will. The act is dangerous enough as it is, do not exacerbate the situation with even more risk. You are not proving yourself a hero or a man by pushing something. If you are at risk, the safest and smartest thing to do is stop. Plain and simple.

If you have gotten it into your head to buy one of those street racing cars, and you have the thousands of dollars to do it, there is nothing that I can say to stop you. Just remember, play it safe, think about it, and make sure that the only person at risk is you. Who knows? You may even win a couple, but you do not want to lose any.

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