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Buying A Truck Is This The Right Choice For You?

Buying a used truck

Choosing a car is a more important decision that many people realize. After all, it’s not as if you can easily undo the decision if you’ve made the wrong one. Once you have a car, you won’t find it easy to trade back in if you dislike it. And for that matter, selling it soon after buying often means that you’ll be taking a loss in the long term. This is especially true for those who buy brand new cars. At first, buying a new car might not seem like a bad idea — what’s the worst that could happen? It’s new, nothing can be wrong with it, it doesn’t have any mileage or wear and tear for you to worry about… The issues that come with buying new vehicles have more to do with the financial aspect of doing so. As soon as a new car leaves the lot, it begins to lose value. This is why (more…)

22 Jul 2016

Have a Chameleon Car When You Use Car Wraps!

Automotive paint protection film

If you’re thinking about ways to protect your vehicle and keep it from being devalued as much as it gets older, you may want to consider car wraps and window tinting as possible options. Employing a window tinting service may also have additional health benefits for you, as it can protect you and your family from harmful UV rays. Car wraps are a great way to advertise for a business or a service without ruining your vehicle, but can also be used to replace a paint job and are often cheaper than even the shoddy paint jobs that you’ll have to get replaced in a few years anyway. Car wraps tend to last longer and look high quality (more…)

17 Jul 2016

Gain More Freedom and Flexibility with Travel When You Own an RV

Rv supercenter

One of the most popular American pastimes in the summer is that of camping. However, camping has certainly evolved since our ancestors did it for necessary survival. Today, we have all matter of gadgets, outfitted vehicles, and camper accessories to ensure that our weeks in the wilderness aren’t quite so wild after all. It’s not uncommon for trips to an RV superstore or a visit to Triton boat dealers to occur if an individual or families are thinking about taking a camping trip. If you’re camping near a body of water, looking at Triton boat dealers might be just the thing — the Triton boat dealers will ensure that you get a fun watercraft to take fishing or otherwise just enjoy the water. You may also look at new pont (more…)

17 Jul 2016

Check the Tires Things You Can Do to Help Boost Your Fuel Economy

Honda accord hybrid battery

If you are wondering how to get the best MPG in your car, there are a number of things you can do or pay attention to. Improving your fuel economy is important, because not only is it good for the environment to conserve gasoline, it also will save you money.

One easy way to boost your fuel economy is to take good care of your tires. Tires that are properly inflated and have tread that is in good shape will help your car get better gas mileage. Checking your tires every month or so with a tire gauge and then filling them with air if they are low will help with proper inflation. To keep your tread in top condition, have your tires rotated on the sc (more…)

13 Jul 2016

Should You Buy New or Used? Advantages, Disadvantages to Both Options


When you are looking to buy a car, you have a couple of options. You can buy either a new or used car or you can lease a new car. There are advantages and disadvantages to any of these choices.

There are plenty of advantages to getting a new vehicle, whether you buy or lease. With a new vehicle you are less likely to have problems that will cost you money to fix, and even if you do have problems, the car will be covered by a warranty for at least the first three years or so. Another advantage to getting a new car is that you will get the newest safety and entertainment features, such as remote start, keyless entry, in-car wifi and automatic braking systems.

Of course, a big drawback to buying a new car is the price. Most new cars and trucks these days, except for compact cars, cost $30,000 or more. And if you wa (more…)

03 Jul 2016