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Are You in the Market for an Additional Vehicle for Your Family?

Car dealer

Simply put, you had to come home plus one.
That is exactly how your husband answered the car dealer’s question when he asked what you were looking for. Your husband worked his way through the complicated explanation that at the very least you were looking for one car. If you traded in your van, the vehicle that had over 150,000 miles, you were looking for two cars. Either way, you had to leave the lot plus one car. With your younger teenage daughter just turning 16, you needed one more vehicle in your family. The fact that your daughter was in college 12 hours away and had her car down there meant that your younger daughter was going to need something to drive.
Originally, the plan was for you to get a new car, your husband would drive (more…)

25 May 2017

Is Your Family Looking for a New Affordable Car?

Buick dealer

Summer has arrived!
As the kids wrap up the last hours of the school year, you are home making plans for the first vacation of the summer. With a chance to travel across the country to stay with relatives who have a house along the ocean, you were counting down the hours until you packed the kids and the dog in the car. With a short drive tonight, you should be able to arrive at your destination by noon tomorrow. You have always had dog friendly cars that includes a space for a small kennel in the back and easy access when you stop. And while the kids could probably make the whole trip at once, you simply cannot ask the family pet to do the same (more…)

25 May 2017

Getting into the Bad Credit Auto Leads Market

Automotive leads

If you are in the automobile financing space, then one of the things that you should watch out for is that perfect balance between giving your customers the right range of services while also being able to minimize the element of risk in your dealings for the sake of your own business. This is a delicate balance that many companies fail to get right and suffer the consequences, and this is one area where you need to treat lightly if you want to avoid pitfalls of any kind. A large number of dealers and financing companies are now looking at the subprime automotive loan market with a lot of interest, and for all the right reasons. The sector that has the most growth in terms of the automotive financing is the nonprime sector. Despite having a large section of the market, this does not seem to be a very lucrati (more…)

24 May 2017

How to Mount a Bar Track

Grouser skid steer dozer blade

Grouser steel tracks are great for helping many construction companies get the job done. However, it can be common to wonder how to properly install these tracks. You may also look to this post when undergoing a grouser track rebuild. In this post, you will learn multiple ways to install grouser bar tracks.

When starting out, you will want to ensure that the track pad will properly fit the tires. In the early stages, it is imperative that the track pad doesn’t hug the tire wall. If hugging occurs, it could wear down the walls of the tire quickly. Tracks that are overly tight can wear three times as fast than those that are properly adjusted.

You will also want to ensure that tire pressure is at optima (more…)

03 May 2017