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Too Fast Too Many Sequels The Street Racing Fad Thanks to a Bad Movie

Street legal race cars

Before you hop on over to Craigsist for the best street racing cars for sale, stop and think about what you are considering. Street car racing is exceedingly dangerous, no matter how ideal the situation. Doing so can put you and any number of lives at risk. That being said, I know the psychology rule. If I tell you not to do it, you will just want to do it more. So, instead of lecturing not to do it, how about a how to do it instead?

I am not going to tell you what car to drive (Prius, anyone?), or what to put in it to make it run faster (gas?). I would not know where to begin. Instead, I am going to stress some serious points that a lot of the professional drivers of street racing cars follow like a code. There is a large community for this sport out there, and they all tend to agree on a few th (more…)

15 Jul 2013