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Are You Looking for a Way to Improve Your Night Time Driving?

Headlight renewal kit

Everyone is excited for the holidays. You are counting down the hours to when your oldest daughter will return from college. She only gets to be home for 10 days, but you will make the most of her short visit. Although you are flying her home from the campus where she lives 12 hours away, you are driving her back to the campus at the end of her break. The reason for the drive is so that you can extend your time with her. Now that you have decided to drive her back, however, the list of things you are going to accomplish when you are on her campus is growing.
You want to help with some cleaning tasks in her dorm room, but you also want to help her with some car maintenance. Your father gave your daughter, his oldest granddaughter, a used pick up to take to college. Now that the pick up has been on ca (more…)

15 Dec 2016

Four Tips for Getting a Deal on a Used Luxury Vehicle

Tacoma mercedes benz

Are you shopping for high end used cars? It’s easy to assume that buying high end used cars is complicated, since high end used cars cost far more than your standard pre-owned Honda Civic. However, purchasing high end used cars is very similar to buying any used car, just more expensive.

If you’re looking for high end used cars for sale, you’re probably preparing yourself to spend more than $30,000 in one shebang. For that dollar amount, you want to make sure the performance is superior to your run-of (more…)

13 Dec 2016

Get to the Airport with Time To Spare Hire a Corporate Transportation Service

Airport transportation company

When you need a reliable airport transportation service, what form do you usually choose? Do you ask a friend, colleague or family member to give you a ride to-or-from the airport? Or, if these individuals aren’t available, do you rely on public transportation such as buses, trolleys, trains, or cab companies?

While your family, friends, colleagues, and public transportation might at times be reliable options, are they always available when you need them? If not, when you need dependable airport transportation, it makes sense to contact a company that specializes in this type of service.

Whether you need to travel weekly, monthly, or even just occasionally for business, (more…)

06 Dec 2016

Keep Your Car Carpet Looking Great with These 9 Tips

Custom floor mat

If you are like most car owners in the United States, you care about how your car looks. While most people take care to have their cars washed, not as much attention is often paid to the inside of the car. Keeping your custom car carpet clean and looking great can take some work and effort. If yours is more than ten years old, you might want to think getting replacement carpet. Otherwise, these tips should help keep it looking good for longer.

  1. Use an upholstery protector. Before you get any dirt or stains on your custom car carpet, you should treat it with an upholstery protector. This is one way to deal with spills and stains before they happen. When you spill something on the carpet, it will be easier to keep that sp (more…)

06 Dec 2016