The Basics of Street Racing

Street car racing

What is street racing? Street racing is unsanctioned public road motor races. They vary from planned to spur of the moment, when two potential street race cars end up next to each other at a red light. When planned in advance, participants will have a radio system set up and have police scanners in order to try and forestall any legal issues.

There are several reasons people enjoy street racing. One reason is that the environment and rules are less controlled, which can make for a more exciting and interesting to watch experience. People like showing off their cars, for another. Part of it is that people enjoy racing but do not want to officially race since there are a ton of rules and entry fees they would have to pay in order to participate. As can be seen in several popular street racing movies, a community tends to form around the sport. It often attracts youth in America who are too young to participate in the bar scene. Although police are a problem, many people actually find the risk and the effort to escape if caught, exciting.

In street car racing, fast and beautiful street race cars are prized, and often stolen. Several street race cars are, unsurprisingly, brands that are stolen at very high rates, which indicates a probably correlation between the two. Street racing cars in Japan have gone up to almost 200 miles an hour during races. The best street racing cars are the ones that can take the pounding and go the fastest.

There are several types of street races. One would be togue racing, which originated in Japan. It is also known as drifting. It usually occurs on narrow roads, often those found along mountains. It is a popular way to race because it is challenging, though more dangerous at the same time.

Cannonball runs are and are point to point road rallies that usually take place over longer distances, like from city to city. They involve multiple street race cars.

Street racing is obviously a dangerous sport since it involves nonprofessional drivers speeding down public roads, usually at night. Injuries and fatalities are common, and can often happen to people not even involved in the race, since it is public places. Property damage to surrounding homes and land can also occur. Street racing videos posted online often help to convict offenders.

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