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GPS Tracking Software Gives You Peace of Mind

If you run a company that employs any size fleet of commercial vehicles, using a GPS tracking software platform, cannot only help to save you time and money, but it can give you a peace of mind.

What Is a GPS Tracking Software Platform?

GPS fleet tracking uses tracking equipment to manage the vehicles used in a business. By using vehicle tracking, a manager can gather information on a vehicles location, as well as the drivers behavior, and overall productivity, right from the main office.

Fleet management software is available as a web based application that allows managers to pinpoint exactly where a vehicle has traveled or is traveling, the time of arrival, and the speed driven. In addition, it also project any problems that might be occurring with the vehicle, and it can even display CO2 emissions for the entire fleet. Another huge benefit to having a GPS tracking software platform installed, is that it will track trends related to idling, which can be a bigger (more…)

26 Oct 2018

Group Transportation for Your Group Events

You have just moved to a huge, gorgeous new city, and have found that transportation is a nightmare. There are so many things to do, from trying out new restaurants to exploring museums and more, but have discovered to your dismay that getting anywhere makes you miserable. Parking is a nightmare, traffic is never ending, valets are expensive and it costs an arm and a leg for car storage at your new apartment complex! In a city as big as yours, the answer lies in group events and transportation. Have you ever considered what the city roadways would look like if those hundreds of cars were condensed into just a few dozen buses?

Contrary to popular belief, public transportation and group car transport are not as nightmarish as they seem. The subway, campus buses, and trams help large amounts of people get to their destination in little amounts of time, and businesses that utilize private citizens with vehicles are booming. Utilizing a taxi (more…)

26 Oct 2018

Regular Maintenance Can Help You Protect Your Vehicle Investment

After the 55 and Over Luncheon at church this month there was not a dry eye in the house. After a prayer and the meal a local charitable organization explained their efforts to connect single mothers with reliable used cars. The presenter explained the vetting process that helps find the best candidates for the used cars that have been first given to the group and then repaired by local mechanics. Even more impressive than the gifted cars themselves, however, might be the after care program. Monthly meetings that include daycare and family dinners focus on educating the new vehicle owners about the best ways to make sure that they know how to care for their new car after the six month warranty expires.
The six week sessions focus on all kinds of car maintenance tips, including checking for levels on synthetic lubricants, as well as checking the air pressure on tires.
Finding the Most Reliable Synthetic Lubricants Can Help Lengthen the Life of Your Car
Whether you hav (more…)

24 Oct 2018

The Growing Appeal Of The Hyundai Genesis How To Get Peak Performance Out Of Your Car

Choosing the right car is no small feat. You have to consider not just your budget, but your personality, lifestyle and preference toward maintenance.

It’s no small wonder why the type of car you own says a lot about you. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe is a stylish vehicle with a large fanbase, popular among individuals, families and couples alike. Its sleek appearance and high-performance have earned it a top spot on many a list and, even in an age that’s constantly introducing new car models, will not likely be replaced any time soon. Not only can it enhance your life in ways you didn’t think possible, it can also give you a prime opportunity to learn your way around car modification. Your Genesis Coupe interior could see yet another transformation with a little extra knowledge.

Whether you want to spice up your car interior or just try out a car body kit, the list below is for you.

History Of The Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai Genesis coupe models (more…)

09 Oct 2018

Taking A Look At Parking In The United States And Why You Should Invest In Valet Parking

When you’re traveling, the last thing that you really want to be worried about is parking. After all, parking can be a real pain, depending on where it is. If you’re in a city, it’s likely that you’re simply out of luck when it comes to finding free or even affordable parking. In fact, residents of cities can attest to having this same problem, and many of them will even just switch to taking public transportation the majority of the time in order to avoid the often exorbitant fees for street parking that often plague the downtown areas.

And for the typical driver living in the United States, simply looking for parking takes up a great deal of time, energy, and money over the course of a single year. In fact, trying to park anywhere in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., or Seattle (known as the five worst cities to park in all throughout the United States) is not likely to be even worth it in the first place. Data even shows that the average driver in the city (more…)

04 Oct 2018