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Touch Up Kits Can Help You Make Up for Some of Life’s Mess Ups

It was a simple cup of coffee that caused the problem. On your way out of town after church, you decided to stop by a drive through and grab a cup of coffee. The ninety degree turn, however, proved to be too much that early Sunday morning and now you are looking for someone who can provide a Volvo touch up paint job to erase the brush you had with the concrete anchored pole. The green paint from the pole left a pretty big mark on your six month old grey car. You can only hope that the person you contacted about the Volvo touch up paint job will be able to fix the problem that the single cup of coffee caused.
The smallest of events can lead to the biggest of problems. From too wide of a turn in the drive through to get coffee to a run in on the main street in town, there are many times when vehicle owners need the help of an automotive touch up.
Fortunately, there (more…)

17 Apr 2018

Want To Buy A New Car This Year? Here Are The Five Things You Didn’t Know About Subaru

What is symmetrical all wheel drive

Buying a car? Don’t go to your car dealership just yet. There are a lot of models, after all, and not all of them are a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Some models are better suited to rough terrain and a family that regularly goes to the woods on the weekend for camping trips. Others are ideal for couples who don’t plan on having children anytime soon and just want something convenient to get them from place-to-place. Buying a car today is not unlike buying a car a few decades ago, with the sole exception of better prices and more availability of used models. Before you start selecting from the best new cars consider checking out the list below.

Here are 5 things you didnt know about Subaru and why it might just be the brand for you.

Most Families Own Mul (more…)

12 Apr 2018