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All You Need to Know About Cusco Roll Cages Before You Buy

Roll cages come in a wide range and it’s possible to find over 300 applications for various cars. They are made for street, sports, tracks or competition vehicles. The main use of the Cusco roll cages is to protect the driver and the passengers if a car rolls. They are made by professional engineers and can be trusted to give superior rigidity when cornering. They prevent chassis flexing, which hinders smooth driving around sharp corners.

Which is the best way, bolt or weld in?
When installing the roll cage, you can choose to have it bolted or welded. The advantages of bolting are that it’s easy to and remove it. However, welding the cage is lighter and makes it rigid and far much safer than bolting. If you want to improve your Hyundai performance, welding the roll cage would be a better idea to increase the stability of the car. For an ultimate Subaru performance, consider installing a roll cage that minimizes vehicle flex.

Who is the best manufactu (more…)

24 Sep 2018

Things to Remember When Trading in Your Car

The last thing you need at any point is to lose faith in your car; whether it is because of clattering noises from under the engine, horrific gas mileage, the inability to start or stay running, or a constant stress to replace failing parts, no one loves hearing the unexpected news that their car needs to retire. Hopefully, you reach this revelation before your vehicle leaves you stranded somewhere you do not want to be. However, purchasing a brand new vehicle has a high cost (the price tag) with not as high of a return (the new car smell being one). For this reason, trading in the used for the less used is a much more viable option for most people in the car market. Here are a few important facts to remember about used cars if you are looking for some new to you wheels.

  • 1. Compare a private sale and a dealership sale. There are ups and downs to how you choose to purchase a car. In a dealership, you get to enjoy high quality customer service, financing optio (more…)
  • 19 Sep 2018

    What To Do When Your Day Is Ruined By A Super Market Carriage

    It can put quite a damper on the day to walk out of the supermarket and see a new ding right in the middle of your car door. Be it a scratch from the door of the next car over or, perhaps even worse, a mark left behind by the dreaded grocery market carriage, we all know that these little dents can cost an arm and a leg to have repaired at your local garage or collision center. Nobody really wants to have to spend their hard earned cash re-buffing their car when there are so many other more important things that can be done. Next time you find yourself in this situation, why not just use a paint touch up kit right in the comfort of your very own garage?

    Do you have a BMW at home? How about a Lexus? Or even a Mercedes? Not to worry, because from Mercedes Benz to Hyundai, there is an auto touch up paint kit for every make, model, and color vehicle, so whatever you have at home in your garage is bound to be covered. No more losing your vehicle for a day and putting yourself in dyer straig (more…)

    13 Sep 2018

    3 Easy Steps for Fixing a Leaking Pipe

    Homes throughout the world depend on internal pipes to move water from one room to another. Unfortunately, there are times when the pipes in your home suffer damage. This can happen due to freezing temperatures, accidentally being hit, or many other reasons. After pipes sustain enough damage, it’s common for leaks to occur throughout the home. These leaks could cause a wide range of damage, making it imperative to shop leaking pipes right away. In this post, you’ll learn three simple steps for temporarily fixing a leaking pipe.

    1. Shut Off Water Supply

      It’s impossible to repair a pipe that continues to leak water. Therefore, the first step you’ll need to take is shutting off the water supply in your home. It might take a bit of time for the remaining water to drain out of your pipe. When there’s no more leaking taking place, you can begin to apply your patch.
    2. Place Your Patch Material Over the Pipe

      After turning off th (more…)

    02 Sep 2018