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Taking a Step Above Your Competition With a Steel Snow Pusher

Snow pusher manufacturers

Those who live anywhere in the northern part of the Midwestern part of the United States are very familiar with snowfall. Snow occurs in all of these areas for much of the winter; sometime as much as 6-7 months of …

22 Feb 2016

How to Keep an Old Beater on the Road Proper Maintenance Guidelines

Auto repair citrus heights ca

The introduction of the automobile radically changed the way that Americans perceived distance, opening up a new realm of possibilities unbound by geographical location. It is estimated that by 2018 there will be 260 million cars on the road. As …

19 Feb 2016

Hybrid Battery Replacement Without the Anxiety

Ima light on

Honda is one of the brands that is almost synonymous with customer loyalty. The cars are reliable, fuel efficient and provide faithful service well beyond ten years. The introduction of hybrid cars like the Honda Civic hybrid cemented this loyalty …

15 Feb 2016

Hybrid Car Battery Dead? Don’t Stress Here’s What You Should Know

Cost of batteries for hybrid cars

If you look at car ads these days, it seems like more and more car companies are starting to view hybrid vehicles as the next big thing. As the technology has developed, the price of purchasing a hybrid car has …

14 Feb 2016

Take Care of Your Car and It Will Take Care of You

Brake repair los angeles

One would think that any old auto dealer can sell you any old car and and you’d be off down any old road without a care in the world. Well, part of that might be true. You might be sold …

10 Feb 2016

If a Whole is the Sum of Its Parts, Then You Better Make Sure the Parts are Genuine!

Dodge parts by vin

Cars are the lifeblood of travel. You probably use one, or know someone that uses one, every single day! People use their vehicles to get to work, the store, visit friends and family, anything that involves traveling more than five …

04 Feb 2016

6 Tips for Buying a New or Used Car

Subaru car dealers

So you are thinking about buying a car. Maybe you want to buy a Chevrolet. It is a popular kind of car. There are more than one thousand songs that mention this kind of car. Since 1912, more than 200 …

03 Feb 2016