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Sanitation In Your Car

The United States is known for being a nation of cars, and many adult Americans have their own car, jeep, or pickup truck and drive them often. After all, more than 200 million Americans have their own valid driver’s license, showing that driving a car is the standard mode of vehicular transportation in the United States today. There are many aspects of owning a car, from loan payments to body repair to aesthetics, but an often overlooked aspect of car ownership is sanitation. The inside of a car can get quite dirty, and not all American car owners are diligent about keeping the interior of their vehicles clean. Often, airborne pollution will get into the car and lower its air quality, and this may set off allergies or asthma in some drivers or passengers. And even if that doesn’t happen, auto flooring such as car carpets or trunk mats may get filthy over time. Floor mats and trunk mats are are not often cleaned (more…)

03 May 2019