Hybrid Battery Replacement Without the Anxiety

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Honda is one of the brands that is almost synonymous with customer loyalty. The cars are reliable, fuel efficient and provide faithful service well beyond ten years. The introduction of hybrid cars like the Honda Civic hybrid cemented this loyalty by appealing to car owners who are concerned about the environment. The highly fuel efficient hybrids also cut down on harmful emissions. The savings add up too: Honda Insight mileage is around 61 miles per gallon on highways.

Fall in love with fuel economy
Hybrid vehicles are environmentally friendly both in terms of fuel economy and emissions. They are up to 20-35% more fuel efficient than vehicles that run on gas alone. Honda Civic and Honda Insight mileage are among the highest in the industry. Because they run off a combination of gas and an electric power source, they have lower greenhouse gas emissions than vehicles than run on gas alone.

Honda Insight mileage is ranked as the most efficient for 2012 by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It achieves 61 miles per gallon for highway driving and 53 miles per gallon for combined city/highway driving.

Taken altogether, these factors explain why, like other hybrids, Honda hybrids are much loved by their owners. There is just one snag: the battery. The hybrid battery needs to be replaced at least once in the car’s lifetime and this is a major expense that owners must face six to eight years after the purchase. The cost of a replacement battery is a factor that leads many people to reconsider buying a hybrid.

Replacing a hybrid battery
Hybrid car batteries have a shorter life span than the car itself. As a result, hybrid car owners will need to replace their batteries somewhere around the six to eight year mark. Hybrid batteries typically have 8 year/100,000 mile warranties, but due to varying driving conditions, their lifespan can be closer to six years.

Replacement hybrid batteries don’t come cheap. In the U.S., they cost around $3-4000 on average. That’s a major expense for most people. Add to that the fact that most people choose to buy aftermarket replacement batteries rather than go back to the dealer, since dealer prices for replacement parts are prohibitively expensive. But aftermarket replacement batteries raise all kind of questions and concerns about quality, reliability and follow up service.

Replacement batteries that are better than new
When choosing a replacement hybrid battery, experts advise car owners to look for high quality components, a rigorous multi-point testing process, a strong warranty and reliable customer service. However, once you’ve done your homework and found a reliable manufacturer of high quality replacement batteries, your car will run better then it did when it was new.

While the high cost of hybrid batteries has been are reason for many people to hold off on buying a hybrid, with reliable replacement batteries that is no longer a problem. And as more and more hybrid owners are discovering for themselves, the fantastic fuel efficiency of the hybrids pays for itself. Hybrids and worry-free replacement batteries let you enjoy the freedom and mobility of a top quality car without worrying about costs and the environment.

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