If a Whole is the Sum of Its Parts, Then You Better Make Sure the Parts are Genuine!

Dodge parts by vin

Cars are the lifeblood of travel. You probably use one, or know someone that uses one, every single day! People use their vehicles to get to work, the store, visit friends and family, anything that involves traveling more than five blocks from your house is probably done in a car. But what happens when you car starts to fall apart? If the check engine light comes on, or something just doesn’t sound right, it could be a cause for worry. But if you’ve been taking care of your car, then the problem could be something that was entirely out of your control!

Vehicle neglect is one of the highest causes of injury and expenses in the automobile industry. Most cars are made with standard parts from various companies, but the one thing that you can do to make sure your car comes into your driveway intact is make sure it has genuine OEM parts. OEM, or original equipment manufacturers, are staffed by parts specialists for every kind of vehicle. They are responsible for creating car parts to the exact specifications of a particular vehicle. The OEM equipment that they create goes into all different parts of your vehicle and the quality ensures that they will run for as long as possible without malfunctioning.

Genuine OEM parts are often more expensive than run of the mill car parts, but in the long run, they can save you a lot of money in car repairs. These parts are easier to choose and order, and they all come under at least a one year warranty. The cost of motor vehicle damage comes to nearly $750 million every year. Most of this cost is due to vehicle neglect, although faulty parts are also partially to blame.

Preventative maintenance can save you valuable money and time when if comes to your vehicle, but making sure that all of its parts are genuine OEM and under warranty can help a lot too! Next time you go into your local repair shop for car maintenance, don’t hesitate to ask about OEM parts for your vehicle. The information could save you in the long run, and the more you now about your vehicle, the longer it will last for those family road trips!

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