Hybrid Car Battery Dead? Don’t Stress Here’s What You Should Know

Cost of batteries for hybrid cars

If you look at car ads these days, it seems like more and more car companies are starting to view hybrid vehicles as the next big thing. As the technology has developed, the price of purchasing a hybrid car has decreased, making them more accessible for mainstream purchase. In 2012, Statistic Brain reports that 4.5 million hybrid vehicles were sold around the world. The United States made up around 2.1 million of those purchases! You’ll hear great things from hybrid car owners — they’re easy to use, have great fuel efficiency, and their tanks cost significantly less than traditional cars to fuel. However, the one complaint you might hear is in regards to their hybrid battery, which will eventually give out. This can give hybrid car owners a sense of anxiety, and have them start thinking about questions like, “How much does it cost to replace hybrid battery?” ahead of time.
What are the Perks of Having a Hybrid Vehicle?
Save Money on Fuel Prices
If you’re looking for a vehicle with maximum fuel economy, considering a hybrid vehicle is definitely the route to go. They’re estimated to be about 20-35% more efficient with fuel as compared to a traditional vehicle that uses gas. On average, you could save over $1,000 a year on gas by investing in a hybrid vehicle, especially if gas prices increase in the next few years. The United States also offers tax incentives for drivers of hybrid vehicles and you could save as much as $3,400 in taxes. Additionally, Cars Direct reports that you may even get a break on your insurance. Some insurance companies will extend discounts to drivers who use hybrid vehicles because research suggests that those drivers are less likely to not be in accidents.
Environmentally Friendly
Many environmentally conscious people choose to drive a hybrid vehicle because they emit fewer greenhouse gas emissions. They run using a gasoline power source and an electric power source that helps conserve the gasoline used and also reduces emissions that are bad for the environment. The battery for hybrid vehicles is regenerative, which means that you can “plug-in” your car to charge the battery. Additionally, when you hit the brakes on a hybrid, some of that energy returns to the battery. On average, a hybrid vehicle will reduce harmful emissions to the environment by anywhere from 25-35%.
How Much Does It Cost to Replace Hybrid Battery?
If you’ve just purchased a new hybrid vehicle and are a worrywart, you may have already searched “How much does it cost to replace hybrid battery?” out of morbid curiosity. In general, the answer to the question: “How much does it cost to replace hybrid battery?” can be answered with an estimate of $3,000-$4,000 for a new battery. This can be frustrating for some owners, because quality can be uncertain, and customer support can often be unreliable or frustrating. Replacing your hybrid battery shouldn’t be a stressful issue, especially if you’re already dealing with a car that doesn’t work! You should look for a reliable aftermarket supplier with good reviews or even ask your car dealer for recommendations.
Batteries in hybrid cars can last for around six years on average, which can be disappointingly low for some users. Luckily, many hybrid car batteries come with a warranty that extends for either 8 years or 100,000 miles — whichever comes first. Even with the advanced car technology available on the market, almost all hybrid car users will be forced to look into repairing or totally replacing their battery pack at some point during the car’s lifespan. The battery packs don’t usually last longer than the actual car. You can expect to start looking about six to ten years after you’ve originally purchased the car. If you’ve bought a used hybrid car, you may want to inquire as to the original date of purchase from a car dealer or the last time the previous owner purchased a new battery.
Be prepared to replace your battery by finding a reliable supplier for your hybrid car battery ahead of time and forego the stress of replacing or repairing your car battery!

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