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Does Your Family Already Own an Electric Car?

The two best friends had no interest in renting a limo for Prom night. What they were excited about, however, was a trip to the dance in one of the latest new luxury electric cars. The girls found the unique …

16 Apr 2019

Car Air Quality and Floor Mats

The United States is known as a nation of cars, with sedans, SUVs, jeeps, and pickup trucks being standard vehicles for private owners today. Over 200 million Americans own a valid driver’s license, and many Americans spend a lot of …

15 Apr 2019

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A Used Car

If you are in the market for a new car, you may be looking to lease or buy a used vehicle. While most used cars are in perfectly good shape, there are a few things to check out before you …

09 Apr 2019

When Was the Last Time You Had the Oil Changes in Your Car?

At the beginning of last week you thought that the only car maintenance item on your list was going to be an oil change for your car. After your 17 year old daughter hit a pothole and bent the rim …

08 Apr 2019

Taking A Closer Look At The History Of Hose Clamps

Hose clamps have many uses, there’s certainly just no denying this fact. In fact, hose clamps stainless steel are quite popular. Hose clamps stainless steel can be applied to many different applications, and hose clamps stainless steel represent just one …

07 Apr 2019

Replacement of ATV Fuel Pumps and Other Fuel System Parts

Between 2016 and 2017 there was a great demand for ATVs and other sports vehicles. In 2016 the need for ATVs was about 180,000 purchases made in total. Then, in the first quarter of 2017 there were 41,000 ATVs sold …

05 Apr 2019

Taking A Closer Look At What To Do When Your Car Is Damaged

Car ownership is a must for many people in the United States. After all, owning a car or other such motor vehicle means having access to a viable and reliable form of transportation at all times. For many people, this …

03 Apr 2019

Looking At Why You Should Consider A Foreign Car For Your Next Vehicle

If you’re a car owner – or looking to become one – you’re far from alone. Car ownership rates are high in the United States, in fact higher here than any other country in the world. And there are many …

31 Mar 2019

Understanding The Benefits Of Synthetic Oil For Machining

When it comes to metalworking, lubricants, fluids and coolants play a vital role in the machining process. In fact, it’s estimated that the metalworking fluids (MWF) market will reach nearly $10 billion by 2020.

Whether you’re using Castrol Brayco or

18 Mar 2019

What types of modifications can be made to your Subaru?

Creating the car of your dreams is one of the most popular fantasies among all car enthusiasts. There are so many different modifications that can be done with the body to make it look amazing. Subaru body kits can create

18 Mar 2019