A Guide to the Cost of Monthly Car Repairs

Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of the major responsibilities of vehicle ownership is maintenance. Most people don’t consider the average car maintenance cost per month, but you should. Ensuring that you can afford car maintenance is essential. Figuring out your average car maintenance cost per month will ensure you are prepared to maintain your vehicle the way it should be.

Engine Repairs

There are different categories of car repairs; engine repairs are among the most important. Engine repairs are also among the most expensive repairs to make. Minor repairs like battery replacement, headlight lamp replacement, windshield wiper replacement, and general maintenance like oil changes are all in a very different category than major repairs like engine work or transmission work.

For example, a manufacturer of an air compressor, metal recycling companies, and mechanics all do similar things and have things in common, but using these services are all in different categories. When you are considering the average car maintenance cost per month for your vehicle, you should break up the cost into different categories. Use a “major category” and a “minor category” to accurately reflect the costs.

If you need engine repair that is $2000 you would divide the total cost by 12 months to get a monthly figure for the average car maintenance cost per month. Using those figures, you would wind up adding approximately $166 to your monthly car maintenance budget per month for 12 months. If you want to better understand the true price of owning a vehicle, you must include every repair and maintenance you pay for during a 12-month period.

Key Fob Repairs

A little thought about yet often necessary repair is auto key replacement and key fob repairs. Key fobs and auto locks do wear out. Key fobs are electronic devices that are used to lock and unlock your vehicle and, in some cases, start your vehicle. They are small and prone to damage from misuse. The cost of replacement varies from vehicle to vehicle.

The average car maintenance cost per month should include any necessary maintenance or repairs that have to be done to keep your key fob functioning. For example, if you need new batteries, it is a minor cost but still a cost that you should add to your list of monthly maintenance costs for your vehicle. If something happens to the fob and you need to get repairs, it may mean a trip to the dealership. That also has to be considered in your monthly car maintenance costs.

Key fobs are incredibly convenient, but they sometimes require attention. If you lose your fob and have to have a new fob made, it can be expensive. In some cases, purchasing a new fob and having it programmed by the dealership can cost hundreds of dollars. Keep track of the costs to get a clearer picture of the average monthly car maintenance cost you are paying.

Cleaning Out Your Vehicle

It is with sincere hope that you don’t need a junk removal service, dumpster rental service, or digging tools to clear out the junk in your vehicle. You should not allow your vehicle to pile up junk so much that you need a junk removal company to manage the mess. Regular cleaning maintenance is essential not only to keeping your vehicle’s value up but to ensure your vehicle is comfortable for you and your passengers. Whether you choose a professional service to detail your vehicle or you buy the supplies to do it yourself there is a cost.

You will need supplies to keep your vehicle clean. You will need interior cleaning and exterior cleaning products. You will also need the time to manage the cleaning, or you will have to take it to an auto detail shop. Many vehicle owners find that investing in professional detailed care for their vehicle is worth the investment. With professional detail care, you don’t have to do the work; of course, you will get professional results.

Whatever you choose, the decision is up to you, but you need to ensure that you account for the cost in your average car maintenance cost per month. It may be a little more expensive to take your vehicle to the professional detail shop, but it is time-saving. It also will ensure that your vehicle is spotless and clean. Cleaning the interior and exterior of your vehicle regularly is very important. Exterior cleaning protects the paint job, and interior cleaning protects all of your interior surfaces. Vehicles are exposed to pollutants and other environmental factors that can easily ruin the finish inside and out.

Heating and AC Repairs

Air conditioner repairs, and heating services for your vehicle is another potential maintenance repair cost that you will need to consider. No one wants to drive around in a vehicle during the heat of the summer without air conditioning. Likewise, no one wants to drive around in the winter when it is freezing out without heat. Heating and AC repair and maintenance can get expensive, but it is a cost that most vehicle owners are willing to pay to stay comfortable.

There are a lot of working parts to the heating and cooling systems in your vehicle. In other words, a lot can go wrong with an auto heating and cooling system. Many vehicle owners get ahead of potential problems by having annual maintenance of their heating and cooling systems. Having the system flushed as part of the maintenance process can determine if there are any leaks that need repair.

Keeping up with the maintenance of this vital system will save you money and stress in the long run. Early interventions can help to prevent further damage to the system, that can cost a lot more to repair. Of course, you will need to add that cost to the average car maintenance cost per month. Quite a few maintenance activities and costs go hand in hand with car ownership, which people don’t account for when they buy a vehicle.

Consider having a heating and cooling check bi-annually every time the seasons change to ensure your vehicle heating and cooling system is ready to handle the season. If you need repairs, invest in OEM parts. They are more expensive but are a perfect match for your vehicle. Regular maintenance can help to keep repair costs down.

Car Roof Repairs

The roof of a car plays an essential role in providing structural integrity, protecting occupants from the elements, and protecting the interior of the vehicle. However, over time, the car roof can suffer damage from various factors such as accidents, weather conditions, or general wear and tear. A damaged roof is not only an eye sore, but it also affects the safe operation of your vehicle.

A custom roofing service can repair your vehicle’s interior and exterior roof and restore it to a like-new condition. Of course, if you maintain your vehicle as you should, you may avoid having a problem with the roof of your vehicle altogether. There are steps that you can take to care for your auto roof.

The interior headliner of the roof of your car is most at risk of damage. Excessive heat and moisture can cause the glue that holds the liner in place to deteriorate and you will wind up with bubbles and areas that are pulling away. You can avoid the problem by ensuring that you park your vehicle out of the direct sun when you can. You can also use a windshield shade to keep the heat down.

The rubber weather stripping around sunroofs can also deteriorate with time, allowing moisture in. If you notice that the rubber gasket of your sunroof or moon roof is looking a little worn, it is best to get it replaced before it causes a problem for your roof. If you suspect that your roof has evidence of a leak, you will need to get it repaired, and you will need to include the cost in the average car maintenance cost per month.

Everything Else!

There are other things that are related to car maintenance that are not directly related to maintenance but are required. For example, you may need a garage door contractor, concrete driveway contractor, paving company, or other contractors to take care of your driveway and garage so you have a safe place to keep your vehicle. These costs are not monthly, but they should be considered part of maintenance for your vehicle.

If you pay for snow removal from your driveway so you can get out of your driveway unencumbered in bad weather, that is another cost that you can add into your average monthly maintenance costs for your car. Any service you have to pay for that you wouldn’t pay for if you didn’t own a vehicle can be included in the average monthly car maintenance cost.

You also must include the cost of brake pads, hoses, belts, and other expendable items that normally need to be replaced. You will need new tires every year or two, which will need to be included in your monthly average maintenance cost. Tires can be a large expense, but it is a necessary expense. There are other expendable items that you will replace less frequently, like interior mats, but you should average that cost as well.

Many little things need to be included in the average car maintenance cost per month that many people don’t account for. For example, you will need to check and top off the fluids in your vehicle monthly. Fluids like coolant, brake fluid, oil, and transmission fluid should be checked regularly and topped off when necessary. Most vehicle owners choose to keep these fluids on hand for convenience. You should add the cost of the fluids to your average car maintenance cost per month.

Vehicle Maintenance is Essential

Your vehicle is a huge investment; maintenance is the best way to protect your investment. Figuring out the average car maintenance cost per month can help you to make informed buying decisions. For example, higher-costing cars or exotics will be costlier to maintain. The parts will be more expensive to purchase, and the labor for maintenance and repairs will also be more expensive.

Ensuring that you can afford the maintenance of your vehicle is important. You don’t want to purchase a vehicle and not be able to afford the maintenance or worse yet put off the maintenance. Keeping your vehicle in top condition relies heavily on getting maintenance and repairs done when you need it.

Plan to Make Maintenance and Repairs More Affordable

One of the key reasons that maintenance is vital is because it will give you a heads up to any other issues that need to be addressed. For example, if you take your vehicle in for oil changes on schedule during the oil change the mechanic will do a brief inspection of your vehicle. That inspection can reveal the need for necessary repairs. Early intervention of necessary repairs can save you a lot of money and of course, help to reduce the risk of additional damages.

You have invested a lot of money to purchase your vehicle, the cost of maintenance is well worth every dollar. A good maintenance program will ensure your vehicles reliability and longevity. The average car maintenance cost per month is simply the cost of keeping your vehicle in top condition and on the road where it belongs.

Budgeting money every month to cover maintenance costs and to cover potential repair costs. Planning a budget to cover the cost of maintenance and other expenses that have to do with your vehicle is an easy way to manage your money. Learn more about average car maintenance costs and why it is so important to make room in your budget to cover the costs.


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