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How Auto Collision Cars are Repaired

After an accident, a thorough assessment is conducted to determine the extent of damage to the vehicle. It involves inspecting both visible and hidden damage and assessing the structural integrity. Auto collision repairs involve meticulously restoring vehicles to their pre-accident …

08 Aug 2023

Your Checklist for Regular Truck Maintenance

Keeping up with regular truck maintenance should always be a top priority. The benefits of a consistent truck maintenance schedule are extensive. Creating a schedule for truck maintenance can help prevent unforeseen breakdowns. Regular truck maintenance also preserves the resale …

12 Jan 2023

10 Ideas to Start Your Auto Business Plan Today

Starting your very own business is a big decision. It’s courageous, exciting, risky, and hopefully rewarding. Given the stakes, it makes sense for many to get into one of America’s largest and most dependable industries – the automobile industry. It …

23 Sep 2022

Shopping for a Used Car Has Never Been Easier in 2021

In 2017, it was projected that the U.S. automotive industry would spend $9.94 million on digital advertising. Prospective buyers will look at many different factors to determine if they want to buy a used car. They might even use some …

30 Aug 2022

A Car Owner’s Guide To Vehicle Fluids

long life coolant
Long life coolant, engine oil, wiper fluid — liquids are essential to your car’s function. But all of the different types of fluids can get confusing. While you should talk to your mechanic about your car’s specific maintenance schedule, this

03 Nov 2017

Tips for Car Repair Belleville IL

Automotive service

Did you know the Model T was not the first popular car in America? The Curved Dash Oldsmobile came before the Model T and only sold for $650 brand new. Vehicles back then did not include a car stereo until …

27 Apr 2013