3 Ways An SUV Is The Perfect Family Vehicle

Buick suv

The family friendly SUV has been around since the 1920s. It was originally used to transport people and luggage from the train stations, and over time it was introduced more heavily to the market with variations.

The SUV has been a very popular choice among drivers as a family vehicle. A new SUV is a good choice for anyone that’s starting a family for a number of reasons. To make up for a lack of interest due to prices, manufacturers offered more features and innovations in design. The seating of a car, with the heavy-duty aspects of a truck, offering much to the new car buyer.

Here are some features that you could enough with a family friendly SUV

Seating Capacity

While cars might still be the most popular type of vehicle sold, especially large ones like a family Buick, their SUVs provide a lot that cars can’t. Seating is the biggest advantage.

Some SUVs can fit up to nine passengers comfortably, similar to a van but far more sporty-looking. The Buick SUV offers a large amount of seating in their family SUV, making them a great choice for carpooling and family travels.

Hauling Versatility

There is a third row in many SUVs, just behind the second row of seating. But those second and third rows can be folded down to increase the amount of space that one desires for hauling and storage. This means you don’t have to use a truck bed, that could be exposed to the elements, or a trailer.

Towing Capacity

That’s not to say that an SUV can’t have a trailer, it has an excellent towing capacity. Similar to a truck, they have the ability to tow a trailer or other vehicles behind them, as well as the benefit of their extra storage. Their large size and powerful engine make them good at doing much more than the average car.

And while they can’t tow as much as a truck, who are basically designed to tow anyway, they can still offer more in terms of passenger transportation in addition.

A family friendly SUV can be a great investment if you’re looking to get a vehicle that has multiple purposes, and that will last a long time. It can tow, haul passengers, and has a large amount of space to work with.

If you have questions about getting an SUV, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you get started.

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