Are You in the Market for an Additional Vehicle for Your Family?

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Simply put, you had to come home plus one.
That is exactly how your husband answered the car dealer’s question when he asked what you were looking for. Your husband worked his way through the complicated explanation that at the very least you were looking for one car. If you traded in your van, the vehicle that had over 150,000 miles, you were looking for two cars. Either way, you had to leave the lot plus one car. With your younger teenage daughter just turning 16, you needed one more vehicle in your family. The fact that your daughter was in college 12 hours away and had her car down there meant that your younger daughter was going to need something to drive.
Originally, the plan was for you to get a new car, your husband would drive the van, and your new driver would drive your husband’s paid for older car. If there was a good deal to be had, however, you were willing to trade in the van and leave the lot with two cars. You had a couple of conditions, though. You wanted to put very little down, and you were more interested in leasing than buying. The buyout on any lease, however, needed to be really good. So good, in fact, that it would be worth buying the one or two vehicles at the end.
It took several test drives and quite a few discussions and negotiations, but in the end you left the old van at the dealership, trading it in for a small crossover and an even smaller sedan. It was a little tough to give up the van and all of the storage room that you had, but your days of long family car rides are nearing their end. Typically, when you take trips now you only have three in the car and the crossover should have plenty of room.
Plus one achieved.
Both Used and New Vehicle Purchases Require Research
When was the last time that you had to visit a car dealership? Whether you are looking for a new or used car, the decision to purchase a vehicle is not always easy. Financing, price, car size, milage, miles per gallon, and many other factors play into the decision most families make when they get ready to buy a new car.
Visiting an auto dealer for used vehicles is both exciting and exhausting. With many choices, it is often best to go into a used or new car hunt with a list of priorities:

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  • Do you want to limit your search to a certain make of vehicle?
  • Do you want to limit your search for used cars to a specific car dealer?
  • If you buy used, do you have a limit to the amount of miles on the vehicle?
  • Are you going to insist on only buying a used car that comes with a complete record of service and repairs?
  • Do you have preferences when it comes to color, interior, and other options?

A trip to see a car dealer, whether it is one that offers used or new vehicles, can be stressful. Every buyer wants to get a good deal, while at the same time finding a vehicle that will be both reliable and dependable. A cheap car, for instance, is not a great deal if it quits working a few weeks after you make the purchase of a used car. On the flip side, a new car that has the highest ratings, but comes with a price tag that is far beyond your budget, can cripple your budget for months or years to come. When ever you find yourself looking for a new or used car it is important to make sure that you do the proper amount of research. Understanding the comparable prices of similar vehicles, for example, can put you on a level playing field when you get ready to make a purchase.
The fact that most used cars have had an average of three vehicles means when you are looking for used vehicles you want to purchase a vehicle that is pre-certified. For this reason, in 2016 certified pre-owned sales reached a record 2.6 million units.

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