How to Mount a Bar Track

Grouser skid steer dozer blade

Grouser steel tracks are great for helping many construction companies get the job done. However, it can be common to wonder how to properly install these tracks. You may also look to this post when undergoing a grouser track rebuild. In this post, you will learn multiple ways to install grouser bar tracks.

When starting out, you will want to ensure that the track pad will properly fit the tires. In the early stages, it is imperative that the track pad doesn’t hug the tire wall. If hugging occurs, it could wear down the walls of the tire quickly. Tracks that are overly tight can wear three times as fast than those that are properly adjusted.

You will also want to ensure that tire pressure is at optimal levels. Neglecting to check tire pressure can cause tires to collapse. In addition, increased tire wall damage can occur from tires that aren’t properly inflated.

A skid steer will need enough room when tracks are installed. It is recommended to leave about 1.5 inches of space around a tire’s face and 2.5 inches around the side of a tire. In some situations, you may need to install wheel spacers. As a rule of thumb, you will want your track chains to hang about two inches when laying a straight edge across the grousers.

Next, you will begin to place your tracks down. For example, if using grouser steel tracks, you will place the track facing upwards. It is recommended that you drive the skid steer as close to the track as possible.

It is advised to use a rope during the next part of the track aligning process. Tying a rope from a front tire to the back tire helps the track align properly. Next, driving a machine backwards will start moving the track around the tires. Once the skids line up, you will simply stop the machine.

Grouser steel tracks do not have to be installed with the help of a rope. If you are around another worker, they can help guide the tracks while you move the tires. It is imperative to follow proper safety measures while having someone help you install grouser steel tracks. Ensure that the helper knows what grouser you are working with. For example, a dozer will only have a single grouser which only features one tooth.

In closing, there are multiple methods for installing grouser steel tracks. In the beginning, ensure that a track pad will fit the tires being used. Not having enough space between pads and tires could cause premature tire wear. Place your tracks against the machine and begin to move the wheels backward to align the track properly.

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