Your Car’s Been Badly ScratchedDo You Go To The Auto Repair Shop Or Fix It Yourself?

You’re walking out to your car to get ready for another long workweek. Instead of turning on your GPS to figure out traffic or flicking on the radio, you find yourself drawn to a series of dents and scratches that seemed to come out of nowhere.

What do you do when your car’s been beaten to a shell of its former self from hail? You look into Chevy touch up paint. Today’s car owner has never been in a better spot to buff out weather damage and fender benders, no matter the shade of paint or model they’re driving. Actually using your Dodge paint options to the fullest of its ability, however, can take a little doing. Unless you’re an experienced painter, you might not be familiar with the step-by-step process needed to get your car looking like it used to.

Never fear. When you use these tips below, your Chevy touch up paint might just be the best winter gift you’ve ever bought.

There Are Plenty Of Options To Choose From

You won’t have to search forever to find Chevy touch up paint or Audi touch up paint to compliment your car’s exterior. The auto body industry today is valued at an impressive $40 billion and the sector for do-it-yourself projects has been all but booming. It’s important to take your time finding a touch up paint kit that both matches your model type and specific hue. By the time you’re finished applying the last coat it’ll be like the damage never happened.

Learn Your Paint Application Terms

You won’t want to skip this part. Which paint you choose depends on the damage done to your car. The auto industry refers to the following colors as neutral — you have white, black, gray, and silver, with color marketing specialist Nancy Lockhart determining white to be the number one color choice in North America since the early 2000’s. Car paint scratches are classified under several levels, ranging from 1A to 1B all the way to four. Level 1A is considered the least severe, while four is the heaviest and the deepest.

Save Your Money With A Touch Up Paint Kit

You’ll be glad you took the time to choose the Chevy touch up paint kit your car needs. Deep paint scratch repair can set you back anywhere from $300 to $3,000 depending on how bad the damage is. Compare this to a touch up kit you can use whenever you want, saving you both a trip to the auto repair shop and exorbitant fees that could be better spent on holiday shopping. Home and vehicle insurance claims linked to both hail and wind storms have accounted for nearly half of all losses for the past five years.

Be Sure Apply Your Base Coat First

Did you know over half of all car damage reported is from either keying or scratching paint? This is actually good news. Learning how to apply your Chevy touch up paint is all a matter of being a little patient and a little observant. Your first step is to wash the door or hood clean of any debris, dirt, or peeled paint. You’ll want to apply your base coat afterwards, filling in the gap and creating a smooth foundation for the color to rest upon. It’s better to have multiple thin coats instead of one thick coat, as you can risk a bumpy end result.

Use Several Thin Coats For A Smooth Finish

Your final step is to take your time applying several thin coats. Your step-by-step instructions will provide additional tips toward a proper application, including timestamps and ideal weather. Make sure your paint is completely dry before applying another coat, as you don’t want your brush bristles to stick to the car and create another problem to fix later. Clear coats on cars are usually classified between one and a half to two milliliters thick to protect your paint’s integrity.

The winter season should be a time for celebration…not frustration. Look into touch up paint for Jeeps next time you’re out shopping and save yourself some trouble.

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