What’s In A Limo? Enhancing Your Next Big Party With A Limousine Rental Or Party Bus

Think limousines are just for the 1%? They’re actually one of the most stylish and convenient ways for groups of people to travel today.

Whether it’s a party bus for a special someone or a bachelor party in a new city, there are a plethora of fun and convenient options for you to choose from on your way to a good time. Choosing your travel options is all a matter of figuring out what you want to get not just out of the destination, but on the way. Do you want to chat with friends and soak in the sights? How about relaxing and kicking up your feet as you talk shop with colleagues? Your local limo services are all too happy to fill in the gaps for you.

Learn more about renting a mini coach, limousine, or party bus by checking out the list below. Your good time is just around the corner!

Fun Facts About Limousines Throughout History

Here are some interesting things you might not know about the limo you’re thinking of renting. The very first limousines only had enough seating capacity for four people! That was pretty big back in the day, however, and quickly cemented it as all the rage. The limousine would then be buffed out, expanded, and improved into the iconic vehicle we know and love today. Limousines are commonly associated with upper-class excursions and cinema, but it’s also used for weddings, parties, and business outings.

The Most Advanced And Luxurious Limousines Today

Let’s keep the ball rolling. What kind of limousines are blowing people’s minds the world over? The fasted limousine on the planet today is a 20 foot long, eight seat Ferrari that can hit over 150 miles per hour. The Sultan of Burnei has the most expensive limousine in the world, costing nearly $15 million and boasting nearly 25 karats of gold plates. Just look back to the mid 1990’s where Jay Ohrberg built a 100 foot limousine with 25 wheels and a list of amenities including a swimming pool, king-sized bed, and a Jacuzzi.

Popular Uses For Limos And Party Buses

While your limousines won’t be quite that extravagant, they can still be a very stylish and cozy way of moving throughout the city. Limousine drivers today average over 100 trips per week and help out a wide variety of clients, ranging from corporate travel to parties that just want to be shown a good time. In fact, there are over 130,000 limousines in service around the country. You won’t have to search very hard to find one that suits both your budget and your unique situation as you hash out your travel details.

Useful Questions To Ask About Your Trip

In fact, let’s continue to narrow down your search for the perfect party bus so you’re not left wondering what’s missing. How many people are going on this trip with you? Is this a new city you’re going to or a place you’re familiar with? Keep in mind nearly half of limousine services during the week are provided for business and corporate outings, so you can consider ringing them up once you’re finished for future possibilities. Your trip won’t look identical to anybody else’s and that’s perfectly fine!

Choosing The Best Travel Service

You’ve got a good idea s to what constitutes the best possible party bus trip. You and your friends are ready for a long night of good drinks and good conversations. It’s time to rent a limo for prom or weddings and buy yourself a memory you won’t soon be forgetting. The Midnight Rider is a nightclub on wheels, remaining one of the world’s most famous limousines for its weight and design. It actually holds the Guinness World Record for the heaviest limousine to date!

Limousines and party bus rentals are a great way to travel in style and have a blast. How could a limo service enhance your next great outing?

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