Want To Buy A New Car This Year? Here Are The Five Things You Didn’t Know About Subaru

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Buying a car? Don’t go to your car dealership just yet. There are a lot of models, after all, and not all of them are a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Some models are better suited to rough terrain and a family that regularly goes to the woods on the weekend for camping trips. Others are ideal for couples who don’t plan on having children anytime soon and just want something convenient to get them from place-to-place. Buying a car today is not unlike buying a car a few decades ago, with the sole exception of better prices and more availability of used models. Before you start selecting from the best new cars consider checking out the list below.

Here are 5 things you didnt know about Subaru and why it might just be the brand for you.

Most Families Own Multiple Cars

Worried an extra car might be too much? Don’t be. Studies have shown the average family today owns two cars, with nearly 35% of American households in general having three or more. This is due to the convenience of having some cars for day-to-day activities and others for more intensive road trips. The best small SUV can function even better with the best cars for camping, as owning more than one car reduces strain on the other and creates a long-lasting cycle overall.

You Can Support The Environment With Subaru

Today’s dialogue about cars is becoming more and more eco-friendly. With Subaru you don’t have to pick between quality and environmental awareness. All Subaru vehicles are manufactured in zero-landfill plants, with 100% of the waste either being recycled or converted into electricity. This is a wonderful addition, since landfills put excessive strain on the environment and pollute the air. What are the other 5 things you didn’t know about Subaru?

Your Family Is Guaranteed A Long-Lasting Vehicle

The first point stressed how multiple cars can help them all last longer since they’re not being used constantly. Subaru, however, is an inherently durable brand. IHS Markit research provided the year prior found over 95% of the Subaru vehicles sold in the last decade still being on the road today. That’s not bad at all, particularly if you want to pass that car down to your children when you no longer need it. When it comes to the 5 things you didnt know about Subaru, this is a detail you can’t miss.

Enjoy A Positive Reputation Across The Board

There’s a reason Subaru has been talked about so frequently over the years. It was named Kelley Blue Book’s 2017 most trusted brand as well as the best overall brand. It’s also the lowest 5-Year Cost To Own. Your Subaru dealership can make sure you enjoy all these qualities whether you buy a Subaru Legacy or Subaru Impreza. Topped off with environmentally friendly construction and a long lifespan, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made a smart choice.

Choosing The Best Small SUV For Your Family

Back in 2016 a record 17 million cars and trucks were sold in the United States. What changes have we seen over the years when it comes to choosing the right car? According to a Car Buyer Of The Future study provided by Autotrader, over 80% of consumers much prefer to buy a car in-person. This gives them the opportunity to ask questions, try out the vehicle for themselves and check out any other brands on their way to a purchase. When visiting your local car dealership keep in mind the 5 things you didnt know about Subaru.

You may just find your best car yet.

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