The Unique Benefits of a Spray Bedliner

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If you were to take a peek into the back of almost any truck there would be a sturdy layer of polyurethane protecting the bottom and sides of the bed. Have you ever wondered why? Truck bedliners come in two types: drop-in and spray bedliner. A drop-in bedliner is installed as its name implies; the polyurethane liner is ‘dropped’ right into the back of the pickup truck. It is easy to remove for cleaning and replacement. A spray bedliner is a little different.

What is the Purpose of a Spray Bedliner?

A properly applied spray bedliner can actually add years to the life of your truck. When the standard OEM paint that is routinely applied to vehicles begins to degrade, it can cause a chemical reaction with the materials being hauled. A spray bedliner prevents this from happening, as well as protecting against rust and scratches while providing an anti-slip surface. Both a drop-in liner and spray on bedliners can accomplish the same tasks; one is not necessarily better than the other.

When a Spray Bedliner Might Be Preferred Over the Drop-in Type.

You may be wondering why someone would choose to have a spray applied over a drop-in. For one, a spray just sounds as though it is tricky to apply correctly. Spray bedliners work well for trucks that have a non-standard bed that is difficult to fit. The drop-in liner can be removed for cleaning, which is a plus. But the other side of that perk means that rain water, dirt, and other contaminants can collect beneath the liner.

How It’s Applied, and How It Can Be Removed.

The liner can be made from aromatic or aliphatic compounds, and applied by using a low pressure method with no heat, or a high pressure method that uses heat to set the compound. The two compounds can be applied using either method with a bedliner spray gun. If the coating is applied incorrectly, or the truck owner wishes to install a new liner, it is not difficult to remove with the right tools. One such tool that can cut through polyurethane without damaging the underlining paint is the WireTrim edge cutting tape. It is important to use a tool or technique that removes the spray bedliner without causing damage, as to do so could cause unnecessary rust.

Pickup trucks are known for being convenient. No driver wants to worry about the load in the back of the truck sliding around, or worse, damaging the paint job. Having a bedliner is simply a good precaution to take to protect both the truck and the load being hauled.

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