Hybrid Car Battery Replacement Should Involve Research

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The luncheon was about ready to begin when you pulled in just a few minutes before noon. Even though you were arriving a little later than you wanted, you could not help but pause and notice the contrast in vehicles that were parked in the driveway and on the street. One other guest, like you, had arrived in a family mini van. the other three cars were Honda Insight hybrids. You knew that two of the teachers who were attending today’s lunch had been driving a hybrid, but you did not realize that a third had joined the Honda crowd. You looked forward to the days when you time of hauling small children and their friends were behind you and you could get rid of the mini van for good.
Not surprisingly, when you entered the luncheon the whole group was talking about Honda hybrid batteries and the different hybrid battery warranty options. You listened eagerly, knowing that some day soon your time would come. You would be able to trade in the large van and get a vehicle that would not cost an arm and a leg in gas.
Hybrid Car Batteries Fuel a Fleet of Energy Efficiency
Whether consumers are looking for Honda hybrid batteries or replacement batteries for another car, they have likely discovered that the transition between fuel and battery energy use is seamless. For instance, the car ride in a hybrid is just as smooth and easy as a traditionally fueled vehicle. Replacing a hybrid battery, however, takes a little bit of research. When the market for hybrids was new, owners had very few options rather than purchasing their batteries from dealers. Without other competition, and like many dealer purchased options and add ons, these hybrid batteries found at dealerships were often very expensive.
As the popularity of hybrid cars, increases, however, the options for battery replacements also increase. According to Statistic Brain, 2,180,000 hybrid vehicles were sold in America during the year 2012. Of those more than 2 million, an estimated 209,216 were Honda Civic Hybrid models. As one model dominates the market, it is not surprising that batteries for those models would become available from several different vendors. As more and more vendors
sell high-performance replacement battery packs for Honda hybrid cars, for instance, the prices become more competitive.
Hybrid car owners looking for replacement battery are in search of peace of mind. They want to find the highest possible quality in both batteries and customer service. Batteries that include only the highest grade components and a rigorous multi-point testing process ensure that the replacement battery performs even better than the factory installed battery. By taking the time to find the best warranty in the industry, customers can also look for outstanding customer service and personalized care.
Hybrid Battery Prices Vary Between Dealers and Other Vendors
Dealer Honda hybrid batteries may come with dealer warranties, but they are often far more expensive than many of the other options. Many hybrid vehicle batteries come with an eight year and 100,000 mile warranty. Unfortunately, research indicates that the lifespan of a hybrid battery can be as short as six years. If buyers only look at the dealer replacement battery prices they may be scared away from purchasing a hybrid in the first place. In fact, a hybrid car battery can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $4,000 to purchase in America. As the popularity of these cars continue to grow, however, research indicates that more third party vendors will offer these batteries at affordable prices.
Many Buyers See a Variety of Reasons to Purchase a Hybrid Car
The basic principle of a hybrid vehicle is that it runs off a gasoline power source, as well as an electric power source to conserve fuel and reduce emissions. Although the initial price of purchasing a hybrid may be more expensive than traditional car purchases, the estimated 20% to 35% fuel savings over a traditionally gas powered vehicle provides a substantial future savings. Additionally, purchasing a hybrid vehicle can also include tax incentives, as well as save hybrid drivers up to $3,400 in taxes.
Most models, including Honda hybrid batteries, do not outlast the car itself. As a result, most hybrid car owners will be looking for a replacement battery pack at some point.

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