The CAR WIZARD shares 10 Crazy Easy and Essential Mechanic Tips

This video has discussed the various easy and essential mechanic tips that can be helpful for you. CAR WIZARD has clearly shown the implementation of the numerous mechanics tips that can assist you in different ways.
In the video, he has discussed why he uses the 4k resolution camera and how it can benefit the mechanics.

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He also discusses that not to box you in a specific area. He then went on to discuss the different types of fasteners used and the issues faced while using them. Next tip that he gave was regarding the electrical connectors uses and its benefits. He has carefully shown how these electrical connectors can be used in different ways.
He has then advised is to remove particles from the engine air ducts to make the processes easier. The video also shows the ways to use the magnets in cars engines and other mechanical processes. Moreover, discussion on how to diagnose a power window can also be seen.
The video is an extensive overview on all the tips regarding the essential mechanic tips and techniques, with the help of which one can benefit in various distinctive ways. All the tips that he has given can be widely implemented to make the mechanics processes easier, manageable and convenient. .

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