The 3 Points to Consider Before Buying Your First Motorcycle

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The freedom of the open road is a dream that entices many, especially when viewed from the vantage point of a motorcycle. While many people would love to ride a motorcycle few have the courage to do so. Their reticence likely stems from the fact that a motorcycle is inherently more dangerous to drive than the average automobile simply due to the driver’s exposure. Yet novice riders shouldn’t allow their timidity to prevent them from enjoying the thrill of riding, as the root of the problem is just a lack of knowledge. With time and an abundance of caution, it is possible to become comfortable riding.

Early Riding Success Greatly Depends on the First Bike You Choose.

A beginner rider needs a solid beginner bike. It would be downright dangerous to throw a novice on one of the faster street bikes such as a Honda Powersports bike. This isn’t to say that all Honda street bikes are unsuitable, just that a beginner needs a good bike that works for their needs, in which they’ll need to consider what kind of transportation the bike will be used for; their height, which is actually a major safety issue; and the amount of weight they’re comfortable hefting around.

Function Begets Form: Where Will You Be Driving This Motorcycle?

The terrain dictates the style of the body of the motorcycle. For example, as stated above Honda street bikes come in different styles. A Powersports bike might be the wrong bike for a novice but a touring bike might be just right. It is important to note that riding a motorcycle does place a certain amount of stress on the rider’s body. This plays into the type of motorcycles that are best for first time buyers, who make up nearly 22% of annual purchases.

When Your Size Matters: Getting the Seat Right is a Matter of Safety.

For a motorcyclist, a seat that is too high can cause quite a few problems. See, it is important that the rider feels in control at all times, or at least knows how to react to problems as they pop up. When the seat is too high, the rider’s feet cannot rest fully on the ground. One foot doesn’t count, it must be both feet.

When this doesn’t happen the rider has already lost a bit of their control over the bike. So to avoid this easy problem the rider should buy with care after measuring. This can be done by either actually breaking out a measuring tape and measuring their inseam, or by simply sitting upon many different bikes to get an idea of what feels most comfortable.

The Weight of the Bike Will Weigh on You.

No one wants to knock over a motorcycle. But it can, and does, happen, most often when no one is around to help you heft it back upright. So, a good rule is to chose a bike that you can lift on your own. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to be able to lift it over your head of course. Just keep an eye on the different weights of bikes you like so as to compare. Keep in mind though that the weight of the bike you choose will be a result of its category, meaning a touring bike weighs much more than a street bike. There’s a wide array of bikes even among Honda street bikes, which is why figuring out the purpose of the bike comes first.

Americans purchased more than 500,000 motorcycles in 2015, up 3.55% from the year before. Whether a novice rider chooses a Kawasaki Ninja or one of the many Honda street bikes, they would do well to consider what the bike will be used for, the height of the seat, and the total weight of the motorcycle. Keeping these three points in mind will help them narrow down their choices to find the best bike for them.

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