Five Reasons to Obtain New Vehicle Carpeting

Tuxedo car carpet

One of the best parts of owning a vehicle is keeping it looking great. Many drivers unknowingly neglect the carpeting of their vehicles. You might be unaware of what hidden danger lurks within the average vehicle’s carpet. Many drivers know the pain of trying to clean up stains on the carpet of a vehicle. In most cases, you will waste time and money while still having stained vehicle carpeting. Many people make the wise decision to simply replace old vehicle carpets. Here are five reasons to consider custom cut carpet for your vehicle.

  1. Spilled Food and Beverages

    As hard as someone tries, it’s nearly impossible to prevent a spill from taking place in your vehicle. A large number of drivers regularly consume food in their vehicles. It only takes one mistake to end up with food rotting away on the carpet of a vehicle. Drivers that catch any falling food will likely be unable to eliminate all crumbs from the vehicle’s carpet. Spilled beverages often leave unsightly stains in a vehicle that are impossible to remove. You don’t want to waste time and money on car cleaning products that are never guaranteed to work. Many vehicle owners prefer ordering custom car carpet to avoid having to deal with stain removal.
  2. Reduction in Bacteria Present in Automobile

    One study by Charles P Gerba, a legendary microbiologist, reported that larger amounts of bacteria are found in areas where food and beverages are spilled. Nearly 70% of drivers have regularly eaten or drank while in their vehicle. Therefore, many vehicles harbor bacteria that can be extremely dangerous. It’s best to find custom carpets to replace bacteria filled carpeting. It is recommended that you replace the carpeting within a vehicle every ten years.
  3. Extreme Weather Conditions

    Not everything that damages automobile carpeting is caused by a driver. You may find that extreme weather has ruined the carpeting in your vehicle. A custom carpet manufacturer can easily help provide you the right carpeting solution. All it takes is one strong rainstorm to leave a vehicle’s carpet full of mold and mildew. Many drivers know that leaving the windows down one fateful time can lead to carpeting becoming completely destroyed. Mildew and mold are two dangers you don’t want in your vehicle. Breathing in even trace amounts of mold can cause various sicknesses to occur.
  4. Wear and Tear Over Time

    Many drivers find that their carpeting becomes dirty and dingy as time goes on. You likely enter and exit your vehicle multiple times per day. As you continue to use your vehicle, the carpeting becomes worn down. Many homes have to have their carpeting replaced every so often. A vehicle’s carpet is similar to that which is found in the home. Certain carpeting areas within a vehicle can sustain more wear than others. You will want to seek out custom cut carpet to find the perfect carpeting match for your automobile.
  5. Wanting a New Carpet Color

    One advantage of utilizing custom cut carpet is the wide range of options. Drivers love being able to choose from many carpet styles, cuts, and textures. Replacing your vehicle’s carpet doesn’t always mean choosing the exact same replacement. You may want to choose a completely different style of vehicle carpeting. Finding a company offering custom cut carpet helps to ensure you have the vehicle of your dreams.

In closing, there are several reasons to consider custom cut carpet for your vehicle. Spilled food and beverages don’t just look bad, they can harbor bacteria. One study by GAP Enviromicrobial Services finds that the average car has 17,000 times the bacteria within an average home. Replacing carpeting with custom cut carpet easily removes any bacteria traces from the floors of your vehicle. Bad weather has been known to damage the carpets of a vehicle, making replacement essential. Custom cut carpet allows you to choose which parts of your vehicle needs new carpet. Whether for looks or necessity, many drivers are continuing to realize the benefits of custom cut vehicle carpeting.

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