Street Legal Race Cars

Imagine pulling up to the office in a hot rod. What would your coworkers think? Well, if they knew you well, maybe they wouldn’t be surprised. A hot rod is a legal street racing car that acts like a normal car or truck but is equipped with racing equipment that is legally only able to be used off-road. Owning a hot rod is a lot more than just how cool it looks. A hot rod needs lots of upkeep since it is put through a lot when racing on a track. If you’re just starting out, you may want to consider affordable hot rods for┬ásale. This way, you won’t invest too much upfront as you try out this sport. There are many affordable street rod projects out there that you can watch on YouTube to get an idea of how to outfit a vehicle into making it into a racing machine. One thing hot rods need and need a lot of is hot rod parts. To save money, purchase old hot rod parts or search for street rod parts near me.

Street legal race cars

Street legal race cars are vehicles like automobiles, motorcycles, or light trucks, that are equipped and licensed for use on public roads while still having equipment on it used only in off road conditions such as race tracks or sand rails. Street legal race cars are available online on sights that specialize in street racing cars for sale. Many of the specialty street legal race car sales and repair places also have street racing parts available for modifications and the like. My husband is currently looking at street legal race cars with the idea of eventually purchasing one. I really did not understand this phenomenon until he recently had me watch a street racing video. It was pretty cool. I am not totally on board yet but I am warming up to the idea for sure.

So now I am just trying to imagine myself in one of these fancy street legal race cars. Street legal race cars are all over the board so I wonder if I want a really loud color or if that would just attract police to my fast new spactacularness. I wonder if I will look silly, a middle aged motherly type driving around town grocery shopping, dropping off the dry cleaning, picking up the kids and suddenly VROOOOM VROOOOOM, I wiz by a team of innocent bystanders smailing and waving in one of my new street legal race cars, leaving them coughing in the dust. Hmmmmm…. I think that will probably look pretty silly. But my hubby is convinced I will look great and no one will tease me. They will be jealous of my awesomeness. The other moms will start shopping around for street legal race cars and try to out vroom me. But I will not let it happen. Because I am secure int he knowledge that I will pick the best of all the street legal race cars that PTA meeting has ever seen.

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