Have a Chameleon Car When You Use Car Wraps!

Automotive paint protection film

If you’re thinking about ways to protect your vehicle and keep it from being devalued as much as it gets older, you may want to consider car wraps and window tinting as possible options. Employing a window tinting service may also have additional health benefits for you, as it can protect you and your family from harmful UV rays. Car wraps are a great way to advertise for a business or a service without ruining your vehicle, but can also be used to replace a paint job and are often cheaper than even the shoddy paint jobs that you’ll have to get replaced in a few years anyway. Car wraps tend to last longer and look high quality for longer. You should also consider getting a clear bra (paint protection film), which can last anywhere between seven to ten years, and only takes about one to four hours to apply and set. These are all measures to keep your car looking brand new for as long as possible and will hopefully help you get a better resale price on your vehicle when you eventually do trade in.
Why Should I Consider Getting My Windows Tinted?
Everyone knows how harmful UV rays can be to our skin. If you live in an extremely sunny area or commute long hours in your vehicle in heavy traffic, you’ve probably experienced the unpleasant situation of being stuck in direct sun in a traffic jam, not moving and simply baking in the sun. Although air conditioning can help alleviate the discomfort of the heat, if your windows aren’t tinted, you’re a sitting duck for all those UV rays. Some films or tints have as much as a 99.9% success rate at blocking UV rays. It’s not enough if just your window shield is tinted (most are partially treated to help filter out UVA), since side windows let in over 60% of the UVA radiation.
One study noted a 93% reduction in skin cell death when UV exposure was filtered through UVA absorbing auto glass.
If you’re exposed to UVA rays regularly through windows, your skin aging could be accelerated by as much as five to seven years! If you get window tints, the inside of your car could also be as much as 60% cooler on hot summer days, which is definitely another perk.
Lastly, car tinting can reduce glare from the sun, which causes almost 3,000 accidents every year. Glare has an unfortunate role in car crashes — a study of car crashes showed that 80% of the glare-exposed drivers hit the other cars, as compared to just over 50% of drivers who were in the same role without obstructed vision.
What Are Car Wraps?
A car wrap is a large vinyl decal or graphic that can either partially or fully cover your vehicle and goes on right over your original paint job. When peeled away, it also doesn’t take any of the paint with it, leaving your car just as it was before and has many additional benefits.
Why Should I Consider Investing in a Car Wrap?
If you get a high quality car wrap, it could cost anywhere from $500-$5,000, as compared to a high quality paint job costing anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000! The vinyl wrap will last anywhere from 5-8 years and if you decide you want to get a paint job after all, you can simply remove the vinyl and the car will be restored to its original condition. Car wraps also take a much shorter amount of time to complete than a paint job, so you’ll have your car back much faster. A car wrap can also help protect your vehicle and its paint job from normal abrasions and the weather. It acts as a shield AND a new paint job. Not bad!
There are certainly many measures that you can take to keep your vehicle looking good as new and protect yourself from high costs and harmful UVA rays at the same time! Look into car window tinting and car wraps today! You never know what you might find.

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