Gain More Freedom and Flexibility with Travel When You Own an RV

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One of the most popular American pastimes in the summer is that of camping. However, camping has certainly evolved since our ancestors did it for necessary survival. Today, we have all matter of gadgets, outfitted vehicles, and camper accessories to ensure that our weeks in the wilderness aren’t quite so wild after all. It’s not uncommon for trips to an RV superstore or a visit to Triton boat dealers to occur if an individual or families are thinking about taking a camping trip. If you’re camping near a body of water, looking at Triton boat dealers might be just the thing — the Triton boat dealers will ensure that you get a fun watercraft to take fishing or otherwise just enjoy the water. You may also look at new pontoon boats, a folding camper trailer, and much more. The options are practically limitless! Camping doesn’t have to be hot, mosquito-filled, and uncomfortable. You can still enjoy all that nature has to offer from inside your RV or from your newly acquired fishing boat from the Triton boat dealers! Camp in comfort this year!
How Many People Go Camping Every Year?
If you think that you’re not cut out for camping and that you wouldn’t even know where to start, don’t worry! In 2013, the 2014 American Camper Report results showed that over 40 million Americans (almost 15% of the population over the age of six) went camping! If all of those people can do it, so can you! Furthermore, it seems that people who go camping like to stay for at least two weeks — every person who went camping (whether they were staying in a tent, RV, cabin, bivy, or yurt) spent an average of a little over 14 days. That must mean something is happening that they enjoy and want to spend more time doing. There’s also a reason that camping is one of the top outdoor recreational activities. In 2013, campgrounds and RV parks brought in around five billion dollars in revenue.
How Popular Are RV’s and Who’s Using Them?
RV use has gotten more and more popular for a few different reasons. The RVIA (the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association) says that nationwide, they estimate there are around 30 million RV enthusiasts and with over 12,000 RV-related businesses in the United States that generate almost $40 billion of revenue every year, it’s clear that there’s a demand. Perhaps some of their popularity is due to the fact that a recent survey found that a family of four who uses an RV on their vacation could save anywhere between 23-59% of their vacation costs. And there are over 16,000 private and public campgrounds all over the United States, allowing RVers to roam the roads for as long as they like– whether that’s for a weekend or months or years! Over 11% of households who have 35-45 year olds at their head have an RV.
Why Invest in an RV?
With an RV, you have greater freedom of movement. A biannual survey done by the most recent “Campfire Canvass” asked participants what their key reason was for using an RV more that season. Around 64% said that they liked being able to get away more often; almost 50% said they wanted to spend more quality time with their family; a little under 45% reported using their RV to get away from stress; a little over 40% said they liked the reduced cost of traveling, and 38% said they liked the ability to get away without having to plan in advance. These are all great reasons to invest in an RV — although the upfront cost might be high, you’ll save money in the long run, especially if you’re using the RV semi-regularly. Never worry about being too hot or too cold when you camping again — your RV will make sure you have the most pleasant camping experience of your life!
Start making memories with your loved ones or simply get away by yourself into the great outdoors with an RV. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being an RV owner!

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