Facts About Street Car Racing

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Street racing cars are race cars that are modified internally to perform well in a race, but with limited modifications permitted on the exterior to keep their appearance easily identifiable by the public. In essence, they look like street cars but are much faster and more powerful. They can be modified from a variety of street cars, but must be made almost completely of steel and sold through a recognized Australian dealer.

Street car racing is conducted through eight races a year. With a qualifying session, three races and the championship series. Anyone can participate in street car racing as long as they possess a qualifying vehicle that is up to safety standards and as long as they have the proper licensing. The street racing parts are not much different from regular street cars, but are merely modified and adjusted to perform at higher velocities for longer periods of time.

Street racing cars for sale can be found at a variety of Australian dealers, however, there are some available throughout the world that are recognized by the street car racing society. The best street racing cars depend on what modifications they have received. The cars that race each year vary greatly in what modifications they have received and therefore differ in their performances.

Street car racing is most common in the country of Australia, where the rules and regulations were developed. It is also where most of the cars and parts are available to purchase. The most popular of the street car races is the Annual Torque Trophy. It has been running for 36 years. Races are conducted at the Barbagallo Raceway.

Before a car is eligible to for street car racing, it must be equipped with the proper safety requirements set down by the street car racing officials. These include a roll cage, harness and fire extinguishers.

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