Building Up to Bigger Sales

Finding the right 3pl sales job

A job in sales is certainly not for everybody. It can be demanding and sometimes discouraging, and without the proper drive, demeanor, and guidance, it can be incredibly difficult to make a living or feel like you are making a dent in your potential client list at all. But there are countless different avenues you could take in the sales world, and chances are you simply need to find the one that works the best for you. You may end up deciding that finding the right 3PL sales job could make the difference for you.

Finding the right 3PL sales job

If you are already in sales, you might recognize the abbreviation 3PL. But there are a lot of terms to know and understand, and chances are, if you are just starting out, you still have some things to learn, and that is perfectly acceptable. Most things in life take some training and practice, and the intricacies of sales are no different. 3PL refers to third party logistics, and it has to do with bringing in outside businesses, companies, or services in order to provide the best possible option for the distribution, transportation, and fulfillment of a particular company’s goods or services. Finding the right 3PL sales job can be tricky because you may find yourself working with several different companies, all with different needs. Keeping them straight and lining them up with the right logistics or transportation on the other end requires getting to know each client and their needs quite well.

From factory floor to trucking companies to happy customers

Finding the right 3PL sales job begins with understanding every aspect of the service you are offering and the companies that you are offering them to. You will want to pair specific companies in need of specific services with the ideal candidates and companies who are offering them. That may mean coming to understand the ins and outs of specialized trucking service jobs and the benefits of LTL shipping, or less than truckload shipping, and why that matters for smaller shipments. You might need to learn exactly what a company expects to provide for customers when it comes to tracking and tracing products, or how a business handles things throughout their warehouse. And it does not end there.

Building up your basic knowledge of the industry

Different types of transportation sales jobs will require specialized knowledge
of different aspects of each business. But you will also need to understand the basics of what makes the industry work the way that it does, and just how important it actually is. About 70% of all of the freight that is transported every year in the United States is transported by trucks, and the economy relies on that safe and efficient delivery, as it accounts for retail and manufactured goods such as food, clothing, furniture and equipment that are valued at about $671 billion. And as far as these logistics jobs are concerned, the U.S. Department of labor predicts that truck drivers are going to be responsible for a 43% growth in the industry in the near future.

A job in sales can be difficult to break into, and often it takes quite an immense amount of work and patience before you begin to see it pay off. But if you can stick it out, and find the methods that work best for you, a sales job, even one as intricate as a 3PL sales job, can be incredibly rewarding. Keeping your end goal in mind is one surefire way to keep yourself working toward success. Whether you are hoping to be able to afford something that you cannot quite yet spend the money on, or reaching a certain level in the business, be it type or number of customers or otherwise, is enough to keep you focused, find what motivates you, and keep trying to make that sale.

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