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It was a challenging start to the sophomore year in college. An intensive August class seemed like a good idea when registration took place last May. And while the World Religion class is interesting, the work load is intense. With only 20 days to complete the work for a semester long course, class time is nearly five hours long a day on Monday through Friday, allowing for the weekends off. Long afternoons and early evenings of homework on Monday through Thursday are the goal as students strive to let their weekends begin right around noon on Friday.
With fast Fords loaded for the beach, the college students leave campus in an attempt to reward themselves for the end of week one of their August intensive class. It is not that everyone on campus this summer drives a fast Fords, it is just that those seem to be the cars that everyone wants to take as they leave campus. A smooth ride, with increasing horsepower, muscle Mustangs and other fast Fords are the ones heading toward the weekend destinations, while the less fun to drive cars are left in parking lots across campus.
Has Your Summer Been Filled with Fast Fords and Long Days?
Some of the most popular Ford performance parts are the options that add to both the look, the feel, and the speed of driving. For example, replacing a Mustang’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) steel driveshaft with an aluminum driveshaft reduces power loss throughout the drivetrain by as much as 2% to 4%. Reducing power loss always translates into more speed and more efficiency. The pictures and movies of college age drivers enjoying a fast car on a long and empty road are iconic in America. Fast cars and long summer days make for fantastic memories and enjoyable days. Not surprisingly, sometimes the fastest cars are what gather the most attention on those summer days and nights.
Other Ford performance racing parts include cold air intake manifold that can bring drivers around more than 15HP while at the same time providing an increase of one to two miles per gallon (MPG).
Not all performance parts are expensive, nor do they all require many hours of expensive labor. In fact, many car owners can install their own electronic conversion kits, like the Pertronix Ignitor, in a short 30 minutes. Another qucik upgrade is the installation of cold-air kits which are also easy to install, and usually take 30 minutes or less. Other upgrades may take more time and money, but few car enthusiasts limit their cars to a concern for money or time.
The years of car fanatics working on their cars in the garage have long been a staple in neighborhoods around America. Some homes even have heated garages and electricity for television and surround sound so that they can work long into the evening hours.
Performance Upgrades Are Not the Only Popular Options for the Sportiest Cars
While what is under the hood is often what matters the most to the most serious car enthusiasts, how the car looks on the outside also matters to many car buyers. Not surprisingly, some colors and styles are more popular than others even when the buyers are looking for speed and performance. In fact, for as many as 50 years, red and blue exterior paint colors have been the color preference for the majority of Ford Mustang owners. Looking beyond 50 years, the all time overall most popular color is red, selected by 21%. Coming in second in color choice is blue at 17%. Silver is not far behind blue at 14%, and white is selected by 13% of Mustang owners.
The look of the car itself is as important as the colors. In fact, the big changes in body design often help the car enthusiasts identify the year and make of a car. For instance, The 1994 Ford Mustang, which was introduced as the fourth generation of Mustangs, was dramatically restyled to herald back to its pony car heritage. The hatchback variant was left off, which left only a two door coupe and convertible. The SVT Cobra, on the other hand, was carried over from the previous year and was equipped with a 240 horsepower 5.0 liter V8 engine.

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