An Interview With Greg Ryan, General Sales Manager at Hudiburg Nissan in Oklahoma

For more than 36 years, Hudiburg Nissan, a family-owned dealership, has been providing Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities with a large selection of new and used vehicles. Greg Ryan, the General Sales Manager, talks to us about the relationship between the dealership and its customers, and how technology has strengthened that relationship in recent years.

Hello, Greg. You’ve been with Hudiburg for a while now. What do you like best about the dealership and the work that you do there?

Putting together car deals is a blast to me. Most people come in and have a trust issue with the car salesman. So I like to go in and talk with my customers, go over everything with them, and build their trust, so they can see that I am not hiding anything. It’s a great way for me to get to know people and make them a great deal! Hopefully, not only will they buy this vehicle but many more in years to come. I’ve never had to lie to sell a car! That’s never necessary, especially with this dealership being here for 36 years now. You just call people up when there are great deals and they respond, come in, and buy!

It sounds like there is a great relationship between Hudiburg Nissan and its customers. What else do you think contributes to that?

The internet has made a huge impact on our business. It’s the difference between day and night! The beauty of this technology has made us transparent in our pricing. You can go online and look for a Nissan model, and find out the incentives on it, every ounce of equipment on the vehicle, every option that is available for this model, and even my cost of this vehicle, even before you step foot in my dealership. So, there is no arm-wrestling involved anymore.

Really? That doesn’t sound like a typical car dealership tactic. Could you elaborate?

You simply come in, pick out the car that you like, we’ll sit down and show you the list price and then we’ll show you the invoice price (our price) and we’ll let you decide what is a fair price on it! Hudiburg Nissan does not hide behind numbers, we’d rather just show you upfront how easy it is to purchase. The car business has not been known as the most reputable business, so when customers have already done their homework, and then I show them the invoice, they know that I am telling them the truth. We are one of the oldest dealerships around, we’re still family-owned, we offer a fantastic service center. We have some of the most knowledgeable staff there is. We are also the only Nissan dealership with a Nissan Body Shop here in Oklahoma.

Hudiburg Nissan is located in Oklahoma City, OK on 210 E. I-240 Service Rd. Learn more about the dealership at, or by calling 405-631-7771.

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