3 Tips for Taking a Charter Bus Trip to Toronto

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Did you know that there are over 33,400 vehicles available in the U.S. for charter, sightseeing, tours and more? If you?re thinking about planning a trip to Toronto, why not do it using charter buses? This can be a fun way to travel that takes out a lot of the stress that would otherwise accompany traveling.

Planning a trip, though, means you?re going to need to do a bit more prep than just showing up on the appropriate day and getting into your coach bus. Here are a few tips for getting everything planned.

1. Make Sure Everyone is Ready to Cross the Border

The U.S./Canada border isn?t too intimidating, but it is an international border. Make sure before you leave that everyone has appropriate paperwork (in most cases, a U.S. passport). You don?t want to cross the border with anything illegal or inappropriate, including large amounts of cash, firearms, or drugs.

2. Book Your Place Ahead of Time

Don?t leave your hotel until the last moment! If the group going to Toronto is relatively young, you may want to look into the possibility of staying at a hostel. There are numerous hostels in downtown Toronto that can be a lot more affordable than the average hotel room — many options are available for less than $30. Planet Travel Hostel, for example, has a 91% rating and is located 1.5 miles from the city center. On that note — make sure that if your place is cheap, it?s not located 45 miles away from everything you want to see, unless your charter bus can easily take you to and from the hotel every day!

3. Figure Out What You Want to See

If you?re only in Toronto for a few days, then it pays to figure out beforehand what you want to see, rather than deciding it last minute and getting into arguments. You?ll also want to figure out if it?s worth it to have your group split up and meet up later. Keep in mind that American phones often don?t work in Canada, or have roaming charges — you may need to remind your friends to check into a Starbucks so that they can access FaceBook messages. Some of the most popular things to see in Toronto include the CN Tower, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Casa Loma, the Toronto Zoo and the St. Lawrence Market. Toronto also has an entertainment district — if you wanted to see any musicals there, you may be better off booking in advance to make sure you get tickets (and at an affordable price!).

Traveling by charter bus can be fun if you plan ahead! Keep these three tips in mind so that you have a great trip to Toronto. For more information see this. Research more here.

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