3 Important Storage Unit Tips

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Did you know that there are about 58,000 self storage facilities in the U.S.? There?s a number of reasons you might decide to rent a storage unit. For some people, it?s the reality of downsizing: you may temporarily be living in a smaller home, but you don?t want to get rid of furniture and mementos that may be both meaningful and were a significant investment at the time.

For others, it can be a way to store things while in between living situations, or if someone is temporarily living with a roommate but plans to be on their own again. For still more people, it?s a necessity when their jobs take them overseas for months or years at a time. And of course, there are people who need car storage units to keep cars out of bad weather conditions/to keep them safe until they can be sold or used.

If you plan on using a rental storage units, there are a few things you can keep in mind to make the most of your space. Here are three important storage unit tips.

1. Use Those Pallets

You need to keep your items off the floor, because there?s no way to ensure that melting snow won?t come in under the door, or the unit next to yours isn?t going to have some sort of accident and car oil or something similar leaking under. If that happens, you don?t want your furniture destroyed by mold! Invest in cheap wooden pallets to keep everything off the ground — this will also help to allow the materials to ?breathe.?

2. Be Careful With Stacking in Self Storage Units

Not to be forgotten on a list of storage unit tips — it?s tempting to get the smallest size space that?s available, that can fit your belongings once you tetris them in. You want to make sure, though, that you have enough space to actually access what you own — and to access it without having a heavy TV shift and fall on your head. Make sure you rent the appropriate amount of space — not the amount of space you wish was the right size.

3. Assume the Temperature Will Change

Many parts of the country experience temperature fluctuations. Even if your secure car storage is technically temperature controlled, there?s no guarantee that it won?t turn off during a power outage — or that the temperatures will be all that much higher than the outdoor weather. In many cases, the storage renter will simply keep the temperature a bit above freezing at all times. Be careful to insulate things that are weather sensitive, or store them elsewhere. Humidity can destroy technology over time, and very hot temperatures can degrade a number of things (film, for instance). If you have a car, you may want to wheel it out every now and again to change the fluids.

Do you have any storage unit tips? Let us know!

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