3 Things to Worry About With Your Tires

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Tires. They are a quintessential part of your ride. We love our cars and we love the freedom they give us. That said, the work and money that go into them can be pretty stressful at times. The tires on our cars are things we have to think about constantly. IF we don’t maintain them we don’t have cares to take us wherever we please and need to go. Yes, they are a burden. Yes, the road will literally try to throw anything at them in attempts to mess them up. But, as long as we maintain them everything should be fine. Here are the three (necessary) headaches of maintaining solid working tires.

  1. Potholes
    Potholes, the enemy of the common driver. When we were young riders we would think it silly when our parents, siblings, and older friends would swerve just to avoid potholes. Now that we are the ones behind the wheel we understand. When a pothole appears in front of us it’s like seeing a dagger being thrown at our hearts (and our wallets). Our instant reaction is the move our car away and avoid these “little” holes in the ground at all cost. Otherwise, the real cost may be so much worse.

    The real reason for this is that a pothole can ruin our tires. Let’s hope we weren’t driving on used tires because if so that used tire may get ripped up, torn, and poked through by the time it’s back on leveled ground. It’s best that when we do need to get new tires or get our old ones looked at, we go to tire companies who have the best equipment, merchandise, and deals around. These professional tire companies will be able to get our car back on the road and back to playing dodge with the dents in the ground.
  2. Water, Snow and Ice
    Water is another occurrence that we have to look out for when driving. It’s important to realize that once it starts raining we need to drive at a slower rate. This is to ensure that safety of ourselves and the drivers around us. This is also because of the fact that when there’s water on the road our wheels and start gliding on top of that. To ensure that doesn’t happen we need to make sure that we maintain a slow pace.

    In addition, we must make sure that when it snows or when the ground is covered in ice that we keep calm. Snow has the same effect as rain and flood water, but also has the added affect of blurring our vision when falling heavily. In addition, ice makes driving scary as the roads become slick and practically promise danger. In order to combat this, we must upgrade our tires to ones made specifically for these harsh weather conditions. Or, we can install add-ons like chains to our tires to help with the traction. In fact, some insurance providers also reward you with 5% your insurance premium by switching to winter tires. Plus, if we are incapable of doing this ourselves we can also rely on tire companies who have the equipment we need.
  3. Flats
    It’s also important that we keep a watchful eye for our tires going flat. Flat tires never bring us joy, but they love to pop up out of nowhere anyway. If we keep watch of our tire and routinely manage them we can ensure that these sudden popups don’t happen. For instance, it’s good to check the air pressure in our tires because little leaks can cause more money down the line. Also, it’s important that after every 7,500 miles we do a tire reduction. This is all to keep our tires working great.

It’s important to remember that our tires are an essential part of our cars. We must keep up with maintaining them if we want our cars to run smoothly and efficiently. In addition, if we don’t keep up with these wheels we can risk having ot pay much more for the down the line. It is best for our safety and our wallets that we just maintain them and regularly check them/buy new ones through tire companies instead.

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