3 Easy Ways to Care For Your New and Used Kia

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Kia is one of the leading Asian car brands sold in the United States. Almost three million Kias were sold around the world in 2013 alone, generating a revenue of $43 billion for the company. Korea’s oldest car manufacturer, the company began making bicycles and motorcycles. Kia produced Korea’s first bicycle in 1944, followed less than two decades later by the country’s first motorcycle and ultimately producing the first Korean-designed car in 1992. Today the company runs 14 manufacturing and assembly operations in eight different countries.

Owners of Kia new and used cars alike can rest assured they’ve invested in a car known for its ingenuity – – their slogan is “The Power to Surprise,” after all – – and reliability. Kia, a long with its sister brand Hyundai, rank in the top ten globally for reliability, and surpassed even Honda in 2015. Just over one-third of the company is owned by the Hyundai Motor Company, so don’t be surprised to find a few Hyundai in Kia car dealerships in Ventura. Even the most stalwart of vehicles deserve some tender loving care, however. To ensure your Kia stays running at its optimal level, follow these care tips:

  1. Give your Kia a regular oil change.
    There have been tremendous advantages in oil technology of the past 30 years. Whereas the 3,000 mile oil change used to be standard, now vehicles are able to go far longer. A number of newer cars are outfitted with oil life monitors. As of 2013, 16 out of 34 automakers installed oil life monitors in their vehicles. If your car is among them, you shouldn’t have to worry about tracking your mileage or figuring out when you next oil change is due as the monitor will take care of all that for you. If you don’t have an oil life monitor in your car, you can ask your local Kia of California for a good number of miles.

    If you were to purchase a Kia Service Plan with your car, it would provide you with an oil change ever 3,750 or 7,500 miles, depending on the plan you choose. Whether you have a Service Plan or not, this can be used as a gauge for how often you should get an oil change.
  2. Have your belts and hoses checked periodically.

    Many breakdowns could have been avoided if the vehicles belts and hoses were periodically inspected and replaced when worn out. In almost one of every five, or 19% of vehicles inspected, at least one belt was found to be unsatisfactory. Similarly, 17% of inspected vehicles needed a new hose. When was the last time you had your Kia’s belts and hoses inspected?
  3. Protect your paint with wax.

    Regular washing is a must for any new or used car. While it’s easy to tell when your car is due for its next bath, it’s not always so easy to remember when you should have it waxed. At some car dealerships, you can purchase an extra protection package with your car. While this is never a bad option, it shouldn’t be considered a one-time, permanent paint care solution. To protect the finish of your car from contaminates and oxidation and to keep it looking as bright as when you bought it, apply a wax coat at least twice a year. If you keep your car outdoors, consider aiming for even more frequent waxes.

    Consumer Reports advises not waiting until a layer of dirt and road crud has accumulated before washing next. Doing so allows the contaminates to eat through your wax and damage the paint beneath. Weekly washings are never a bad idea; neither is using a car wash product specially formulated for use on automobiles and a separate sponge to clean the body and tires.

Your Kia has a distinctive look, designed by a team of young multi-national designers at the two new Design Centres the company established in Germany and the United States. To keep it looking and feeling as good as the day you drove it off the lot, follow the above new and used car care tips. Show your car some love with a regular oil change, belt and hose inspection, and bi-annual waxing.

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