Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used Golf Cart

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Riding around in a golf cart can be a lot of fun. In some places, they are used in lieu of other transportation. For example, in Washington, DC if you go out for dinner before a baseball game on Capitol Hill, you can hop on a shuttle to the game afterwards. The restaurants in that part of town shuttle their customers to and from the stadium in a large golf cart that holds about 10 people. Whether you are looking to use one that way to get aorund your town, buying a used golf cart can be fun and economical.

How old is it?One thing to remember when you look at used golf carts is that it may be challenging to try to find parts for older golf carts. Even if they have been properly maintained and refurbished, they will break down at some point. If the cart is so old that replacement parts are too hard to find or expensive to buy, you may want to keep looking. It is also sometimes hard to find people who are capable of fixing an older golf cart.

Has it been refurbished?Not all pre-owned golf carts have been refurbished. Some places just put their carts on the market as they are without doing anything to fix them up. If the cart in question has been refurbished, ask what exact work has been done on it. They may have fixed some problems but that does not mean the cart does not still need some servicing. Give the cart a thorough inspection and see if you find anything suspicious. Make sure the seller lets you take the cart for a test drive yourself. Listen to how the vehicle runs.

What features does it have?Where do you expect to ride in it the most? Many states allow gold carts to be driven on any road where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or lower. If you plan to get around your town or gated community, you need a different set of features than if you only plan to ride around on a golf course. Think about what kinds of accessories or storage you will need the cart to have.

What about the power source?New and used golf carts can either run on electrical power or gasoline. If you get one that is powered by electricity, ask about recharging the battery. If you go for a gas powered cart, think about how you will fill it up. Ask the seller about the condition of the batery. They do not last forever and you should know if that is something that will need to be replaced. It is not always obvious by looking at it or by the way the cart runs. When in doubt, ask!

How much will it cost?This may be one of the first questions that pops into your mind. Used golf carts tend to be cheaper that new models but a lot of other factors may be in play. If the seller has made lots of upgrades to the cart or of they bought it will all of the bells and whistles already on it, they may want more for it than if you got a basic new golf cart. YOu should really think about what features you absolutely need and what you can actually do without.

Who is the manufacturer?It might be worth it to pay more for a “name brand” of golf cart as it may be easier to get replacement parts for it. There are often more repair options for carts that were made by a big manufacturer than a less well known one.

Many people opt for buying used golf carts over new ones because they can get more features for less money. Golf carts are no longer just for playing golf. They can now reach speeds between 10 and 25 miles per hour. They are also used in a lot of retirement communities, For example, The Villages in Florida is a thriving retirement community with over 70,000 residents. They also boast an extensive gold cart trail system that spans about 100 miles (they also allow carts to be driven on their streets).

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