What To Do When Your Day Is Ruined By A Super Market Carriage

It can put quite a damper on the day to walk out of the supermarket and see a new ding right in the middle of your car door. Be it a scratch from the door of the next car over or, perhaps even worse, a mark left behind by the dreaded grocery market carriage, we all know that these little dents can cost an arm and a leg to have repaired at your local garage or collision center. Nobody really wants to have to spend their hard earned cash re-buffing their car when there are so many other more important things that can be done. Next time you find yourself in this situation, why not just use a paint touch up kit right in the comfort of your very own garage?

Do you have a BMW at home? How about a Lexus? Or even a Mercedes? Not to worry, because from Mercedes Benz to Hyundai, there is an auto touch up paint kit for every make, model, and color vehicle, so whatever you have at home in your garage is bound to be covered. No more losing your vehicle for a day and putting yourself in dyer straights at work because of some little scratch that your local collision center insisted warranted a repaint of your entire car.

Over 50 percent of car damage every year comes from keyed or scratched paint. These numerous claims outside of the criteria covered by most standard insurance policies, so you know you are going to be stuck paying for these paint touchups at the collision center out of pocket. There is no need to go through all of the trouble making an appointment or meandering about during difficult phone conversations with disgruntled insurance workers (or even worse—the dreaded automated response when those insurance workers can’t pick up the phone themselves) when the company is just going to tell you that they don’t want to pay for damages anyways. Instead, you can simply by touch paint and, with your own two capable hands, make your car look as good as new. This leaves more money in your own pocket and reassures you that the next time an incident like this happens, you can simply fix it yourself.

A paint touch up kit is surprisingly easier to apply than you would expect. Here’s exactly what you need to do to bring your car back to its shiny, fresh-off-the-lot self.

  • Apply the primer paint
  • Put on a coat of paint over the scratch
  • Seal it with a clear coat
  • Wash and wax the car

Just follow these easy steps and you will never again have to deal with the outrageous prices of vehicle repair for such a simple task. A simple fix with a paint touch up kit is just around the corner.

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