All You Need to Know About Cusco Roll Cages Before You Buy

Roll cages come in a wide range and it’s possible to find over 300 applications for various cars. They are made for street, sports, tracks or competition vehicles. The main use of the Cusco roll cages is to protect the driver and the passengers if a car rolls. They are made by professional engineers and can be trusted to give superior rigidity when cornering. They prevent chassis flexing, which hinders smooth driving around sharp corners.

Which is the best way, bolt or weld in?
When installing the roll cage, you can choose to have it bolted or welded. The advantages of bolting are that it’s easy to and remove it. However, welding the cage is lighter and makes it rigid and far much safer than bolting. If you want to improve your Hyundai performance, welding the roll cage would be a better idea to increase the stability of the car. For an ultimate Subaru performance, consider installing a roll cage that minimizes vehicle flex.

Who is the best manufacturer?
Cusco roll cage is made in Japan and while it’s among the best Hyundai performance parts, it’s not a single fit for all vehicles. When buying one to fit your car, always check the chassis number. It comes with the vehicle’s papers, and it’s incorporated with the VIN of the car.

Which one is the best between dash and escape dash?
The roll cage must be more than six points high for you to have the options of going through the dash or escaping the dash. If you go for through dash option, you will enjoy increased safety and rigidity. However, the installation must be done by a professional who knows how to fix such import performance parts. On the other hand, the escape dash is quick and easy to install but decreases safety and rigidity. Besides, it cannot be used in tracks.

The D1 Chromoly cages are the best for sports cars because they are 33% lighter compared the steel cages. The global automotive aftermarket industry is expected to reach $722.8 billion by 2020. This calls for innovation to increase the performance of different vehicles.

The roll cages are well researched and tested and the version available in the market covers all Japanese vehicle models. The Cusco roll cages are perfectly designed for right-hand drive vehicles. To install in a left-hand drive vehicle, a modification is required. It is also worth noting that unless the roll cage is indicated as ‘Dash Escape’, it is made for dashboard installation.

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