How Can I Take Good Care Of My Diesel Engine?

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What’s the difference between gas and diesel? Ask any car owner and they’ll tell you it’s a pretty big one! With gas prices growing higher by the day and environmentally aware daily habits becoming a common conversation, it stands to reason you should be up-to-date on how to get the most out of your vehicle. Do you change models or brands? How about maintenance? When it comes down to it, you just need to get to the meat of the issue. Your engine is what powers your car and keeps it moving — it stands to reason the fuel you use to power such an engine can mean the difference between a healthy wallet and a frustrated driver.

Gas And Diesel

We all know about the properties of gas. But what about diesel? Studies have shown diesel fuel is a whopping 25% to 30% more energy rich than gasoline, making it an endless source of joy for drivers who have made the switch to diesel engines. Although diesel vehicles have only accounted for around 3.2% of sales back in 2012, that number is actually expected to double over the next few years.

Development And Changes

How have engines changed over the years? It’s time to go back and look at a little history. The diesel engine was first patented 125 years ago by none other than Rudolf Diesel. Although cars are a mundane occurrence now, they were going through some pretty rapid changes decades ago — Americans not only wanted their cars to drive faster and smoother, they wanted it as soon as possible. Nowadays cleaner and more efficient energy is the topic often brought to the table and diesel only continues to deliver in spades.

Purchases And Expectations

The year 2014 saw American consumers buying an impressive 489,000 clean diesel cars. With this number projected to double, you can imagine how this’ll be changing people’s expectations toward gas expenditures, repairs and safe driving habits. Common rail injectors are a tool used to safely transfer diesel fuel into a diesel engine, with various models such as the 2004 Duramax injectors and 03 Cummins injectors just a few of the options to choose from.

How To Use Common Rail Injectors

Want to keep your engine going strong? Common rail injectors for your diesel engine, whether it’s 7.3 injectors or a Duramax injector, will help immensely. The expected life of diesel fuel is 12 months when kept at an ideal 68 degrees Fahrenheit, though this can drop to less than six months if it fluctuates overmuch. There are two major types of deposits that can cause your common rail injectors to fail from excessive build-up — both external and internal mineral growth can affect your common rail injectors’ ability to do their job. Lastly, remember that injection pressures should reach at least 30,000 psi. This way you can have smoother coverage and better performance. When it comes to saving money without sacrificing quality, diesel fuel is the literal way to go.

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