How Craigslist Has Changed The Used Car Selling Process

Classic corvette buyers

It?s safe to say that the Internet has changed one or two industries over the years. It might be more accurate to say that the Internet has changed literally every industry over the years. But one that is the most obvious is used car selling.

Craigslist helped pave the way for the Ecommerce boom and now people can buy just about anything imaginable through the Internet. People are selling their tools, bikes, records, baseball cards, appliances, close, furniture, and just about anything imaginable.

Selling cars on Craigslist is now easier than ever as well. Whether it?s selling an old junker to someone trying to flip a few cars or finally deciding to sell my Corvette to classic Corvette buyers, selling vehicles online is great for the seller and buyer.

Another great reason that Craigslist dealing works so well is that it doesn?t discriminate from the various types of buyers. The majority of transactions via Craigslist are done person to person for a used vehicle ? unless, again, I decide to sell my Corvette to classic Corvette dealers ? but large corporations can purchase cars too if they so wish.

As the saying goes, ?a deal is a deal,? and that certainly applies online when it comes to vehicles. Car dealerships want to have the best cars and they want to have the best prices for these great cars. So if they stumble across a high quality vehicle on Craigslist that they want, if they can get it for a reasonable price, they will do so and then fix it up themselves and sell it for a profit.

That might sound a little shady for some businesses, but no one really expects anything different from car companies. It?s not like they?re taking advantage of the original Craigslist seller, because they have the money to spend on those types of vehicles. These used car dealers need to make a profit just like everyone else, so shuffling through Craigslist ads to find prospective vehicles that they can fix up makes perfect sense.

One important caveat that should be mentioned, however, is that there have been numerous cases of criminal activity through Craigslist. If you plan on following through with any transaction, with any person, for any item, make sure you proceed with caution and do so in a densely populated area.

Whether I sell my Corvette, you sell your Corvette, or we buy vintage collectible items, going to Craigslist is a great way to go.
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